Missing the Bowling Alley Lanes

bowling alley by Magic Madzik

It has been two months since I’ve thrown a shot at a bowling alley.

Today I had the luxury of time to sit down and reflect on all the things going on.

There are many things that I want to do, many chores to complete, and a lot of reading to catch up on.

But one thing I really miss is the bowling alley.

Oh my bowling alley darling, here are ten things I miss about you:

  1. I miss the smell of the equipment and the lanes
  2. I miss the sound of the bowling pins falling down
  3. I miss the elation of throwing a strike
  4. I miss my bowling ball, and also miss peeping at other girls. Oops, I meant other cool bowling balls.
  5. I miss how I can release stress by channeling negative emotions into hitting the pins
  6. I miss the anticipation of a few hours of uninterrupted bowling
  7. I miss the times I forget everything else, when I am focused on bowling
  8. I miss the opportunity to improve my skills
  9. I miss just sitting there, dreaming of one day owning a bowling alley of my own
  10. I miss the satisfaction of an improved score, or the agony of a lousy score

I guess I’ll have to make do with bowling on my Nintendo Wii now (yes, I wrote that post on Squidoo).

How about you? Do you miss an activity because you don’t have time? What was that activity and when was the last time you did it?

Any other bowling fans out there who miss bowling?

Photo By: Magic Madzik / CC

12 Skull Bowling Ball Designs

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The first time I saw a skull bowling ball was in the movie Mystery Men. One of the characters, the Bowler, had a skull bowling ball embedded with her father?EUR(TM)s skull.

Ever since then, I have been watching out for skull bowling balls. I always imagined how cool it would be to walk up to the approach with a skull bowling ball in my hand and making a ten pin spare with it.

In this article, I have compiled 12 pictures of skull bowling ball designs you can purchase from your nearest pro shop.

But why would someone want to get a bowling ball with a skull embedded inside, or a bowling ball with skull designs? There are a few theories out there (though I suspect some of them are just marketing ploys):

1. To intimidate your opponent

Honestly I don?EUR(TM)t think a skull bowling ball would really be useful if you don?EUR(TM)t make the shot. I would be more intimidated by someone who can convert a split. Even if he was wearing pink bowling shoes and using a Barbie doll bowling ball.

2. An excellent conversation piece

I have to admit that it would be really cool to have one of these balls. It certainly attracts attention. I can imagine other bowlers staring as the skull bowling ball is rolling down the lane. I can imagine all my friends wanting to try bowling with such a ball.

3. To make a statement

Some bowlers just love skulls, tattoos, body piercings and all related designs. Having a skull bowling ball just suits their image.

4. Collectors and novelty seekers

Did you know that production for the skull bowling ball was stopped a few years ago, and these bowling balls were sold at $500 on eBay? Thankfully you can find manufacturers producing skull bowling balls again.

There are two kinds of skull bowling balls. The first type is an artificial skull placed inside a clear coated polyester coverstock. The second type is a regular bowling ball emblazoned with skull patterns and designs.

Okay, enough talking. Here are the 12 skull bowling ball designs I found. Which is your favorite?

Cranium Tribe Skull Bowling Ball
Cranium Tribe Skull Bowling Ball
Ebonite Skull Bowling Ball
Ebonite Skull Bowling Ball
Brunswick Skull Bowling Ball
Brunswick Skull Bowling Ball
OTB Grunge Skull Bowling Ball
OTB Grunge Skull Bowling Ball
OTB Punisher Comic Skull Bowling Ball
OTB Punisher Comic Skull Bowling Ball

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OTB Baby Blue Punk Skulls Bowling Ball
OTB Baby Blue Punk Skulls Bowling Ball
OTB Screwed Skulls Bowling Ball
OTB Screwed Skulls Bowling Ball
OTB Dagger Skull Bowling Ball
OTB Dagger Skull Bowling Ball
OTB Iron Cross Skull Bowling Ball
OTB Iron Cross Skull Bowling Ball
OTB Skull King Bowling Ball
OTB Skull King Bowling Ball
OTB Winged Skull Bowling Ball
OTB Winged Skull Bowling Ball
Pirate Skull Viz-A-Ball
Pirate Skull Viz-A-Ball

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I Bought My Bowling Ball at Endah Parade Pro Shop

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Yesterday I told you that I was close to buying my first bowling ball.

After calling my wife to discuss about it and thinking through the whole day, I made my way to the Endah Parade bowling pro shop to buy the ball.

I walked in to the shop and was immediately stunned. Standing there was our Malaysian bowling team head coach Holloway Cheah!

A very nice lady (I assume it is his wife Joy) explained to me the bowling balls they stocked, and I selected the Brunswick Power Groove Urethane Black Purple Solid (what a mouthful!)

Brunswick Power Groove Urethane Black Purple Solid

The shop had a package deal. RM450 for this ball, a bowling bag and a pair of shoes. I didn’t add another RM100 to upgrade to a two ball bowling bag with rollers.

Too bad they didn’t have any skull bowling balls, which would have looked really cool!

I paid another RM49 for thumb and finger inserts.

I selected a 14 pound ball because the 13 pound ball was in pink.

So I was shaking there and really nervous as Mr Cheah came to measure my hand.

He kept telling me to relax. At first I wanted to drill the ball with a standard grip, but he recommended a fingertip grip instead.

If you remember yesterday’s post, I was so nervous about getting the ball drilled properly. I had Malaysia’s bowling ball specialist / head national coach doing it for me!

He spent 15 minutes drilling the ball while I sat there and read magazines (on my best behaviour I tell you)

After drilling the ball, he came over to have me test it out. It fit perfectly, and the 14 pound ball felt more like a 12 pound ball.

And then… he gave me a quick tip on how to release the ball to throw a hook. O…M….G!!!

That in itself made everything worth it. A lesson from the national team head coach is priceless!

In the end, his wife even gave me a complimentary ball cleaner.

Thank you! (I think I must have said that to them ten times)

I walked out of the shop cradling my new bowling ball like a baby. I was so happy because of the friendly people, great price and because I finally had my own ball.

The story doesn’t end there.

Later that night I was excited to try out my ball, so I made a trip to the 1 Utama bowling alley.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I lined up my first shot at the second arrow and the ball hit the mark perfectly. Then the ball started to hook… and hook… and hook… and hit the 7 pin (the last pin on the left).

So I spent the night just adjusting, trying to find the correct line to use.

I was trying to get used to the heavier weight, and by the end of my bowling session I looked like I completed half an hour of cardio at the gym.

The heavier weight also meant that I had to adjust my timing. I kept throwing the ball with late timing.

I tried to throw the ball with more ball speed, and with slower ball speed just to see how it will behave. It was a session of adjustment, of practice, of trying new things.

The ball was everything I thought it would be. I didn’t have to grip the ball anymore on my swing because it didn’t feel like it was going to drop off my hand.

If I threw it just right, I could get the ball to hook without much effort on my part. The ball seemed to send the pins flying (or maybe I imagined it) compared to using the normal house balls.

My average for that night was one hundred…. and…. ten. Okay I know that sucks. But its okay, I’m still adjusting to the new ball, it will take a few sessions.

I’m really happy with the ball. It’s money well spent.

If you are getting bowling equipment, I highly recommend the bowling pro shop at Endah Parade (a.k.a. Carrefour) Sri Petaling.

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