5 Years

Recently Poey Chin and I observed the 5th anniversary of our wedding engagement.

I say observed because we did not celebrate or do anything special other than giving each other a hug and a kiss.

Then we went back to observing the kids.

I don’t know. I’m really bad at this. The first year we probably celebrated this special date (but honestly I can’t recall what we did). Now it’s the fifth year and I didn’t even buy flowers.

I guess I’m just a typical male.

Maybe by next year I won’t even remember the date anymore haha…

*cricket chirping*

Before Poey Chin thinks about asking me to sleep on the sofa, let me distract her with this photo!

daryl chang august 2011

Daryl: “Buji buji bear BEAR!”

I gave this bear to Poey Chin when I proposed.

One day we were at Lovely Lace and she said this bear was soooo cute.

A few days later I sneaked to the Lovely Lace store at the mall (which sounds like a lingerie shop but it’s NOT!!).

I walked in, approached the sales assistant and pointed at the bear, “I want that bear”.

She looked rather surprised and proceeded to take the longest time to pack the bear.

In the mean time, I was getting all sorts of allergies from the overpowering scents in the store.

In the end she rolled the bear into a ball and stuffed it in two large plastic bags, not managing to fit everything in the bag.

I walked out of the store holding this giant, red plastic bag. Everyone could see the bear’s hand sticking out.

I felt like a serial killer. Then I had to hide it in my car boot, hoping Poey Chin would not see it.

My plan was to use the bear as a distraction. I showed Poey Chin the bear, and she was so happy. All her attention was on the bear.

I went to get the flowers and engagement ring and knelt down behind her back, waiting for her to turn around.

The silly romantic things young people do.

Nowadays it has become Daryl’s “bear bear”. He drags it around by the head because it’s so big, and the head is starting to tear loose from the body.

Oh well.

I just want to end this blog post by saying how wonderful these years have been.

I had given up on love, deciding to live forever alone until Poey Chin came along.

She changed my life, made it better beyond my wildest expectations.

And it all started from the first words I heard from her lips, “I’m missing Klang seafood to meet your band…”

But that’s a story for another anniversary!

P/S: Poey Chin would never ask me to sleep on the sofa. I would enjoy that too much, watching TV till the late hours, and the luxury of sleeping without any of the kids disturbing me.

P/P/S: I want to highlight another anniversary. This blog is almost 5 years old! You can jump back and start reading my very first blog post about our engagement.

Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Roses by Andrea Kratzenberg

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. I am amazed time has gone by so quickly.

I’m not even sure how we’re going to celebrate. I’ve been planning to take her for a nice meal but she is not too keen to have the kids tag along.

Here are four things I want to highlight about our four years of marriage.

1. Amazing Mother and Wife

I’ve discovered Poey Chin to be the most amazing mother to our kids. I don’t know where she finds the strength, but she does. The kids will always look for her when they get hurt or are unwell.

She has the biggest influence on Rachel, who now walks and sounds like her.

In these four years of marriage, I’ve seen her pregnant more than I’ve seen her non-pregnant. Pregnancy is really uncomfortable and tough, and she never blames me.

She will make sure I have breakfast and dinner waiting for me. She takes good care of the house. All this so I will have one less thing to worry about when I need to work.

She does all the little things to show me she cares, like packing my snacks or making me a cup of tea. Sometimes I never show her my appreciation and sometimes I take it for granted, and I hope to change that.

She is someone I can talk to about my frustrations and worries.

When I watch her give birth, I see how much pain and discomfort it involves. She never complains, and she will not be afraid of pain if it means doing the necessary.

In situations like that, she is braver and stronger than me.

She also puts up with all my weird and funny things. She calls me the funny husband. I’ve gone through things like losing weight, cost cutting and recently vegetarianism.

2. Cracks and Mends

We’ve had our share of arguments. After the perfect honeymoon period, the inevitable cracks started to appear in our relationship.

I’ve done and said things I regret, and she has forgiven me.

As more kids come into the picture, it is harder for us to have time together. The only time we get to talk are after the kids go to bed, and even then we are so tired we go to sleep with the kids.

So there has been ups and downs in our marriage.

3. The Children

I cannot find many memories of me and Poey Chin together as husband and wife. It seems to be cut short by the arrival of our children.

First we had Rachel and our life was turned upside down. All our priorities shifted inward. Just as we were settling down, Daryl came and he changed our family again.

Things were really tough last year, when Rachel was going through her terrible twos and Daryl needing attention. I tell you I almost went mad (like the cuckoo kind). It was such a bad experience I shudder to think of Daryl going through the same stage.

I suppose you parents with teenagers will tell me there’s more to come haha.

But then there are times when the kids make us so happy. Those times when they would love us, or communicate with us, or do something cute or funny. Those moments of learning, of increased independence and growth always make us feel very fortunate to have been blessed with children.

I really believe imitation is the best form of flattery, because I feel the same when my kids imitate something I do (it’s usually something silly).

Our four years marriage has been focused a lot on our children, and I suppose this will continue for the rest of our lives.

4. Changes

In a way I can still tell you I’ve never settled down after I got married.

There were always new changes and new situations to deal with.

I am constantly distressed we don’t have a proper and fixed way of doing things. Every few months something will come along (like a new baby) and force us to change.

In Summary

In the past few months I started wearing my wedding ring again even though I was afraid to do so after I lost it. I don’t know why but I feel Poey Chin is always with me when I see or feel the ring.

This four years I feel very fortunate to have found such a perfect woman to be my wife. She is all I ever need.

Photo By: Andrea Kratzenberg

50 Great Outdoor Wedding Ideas and Themes

Outdoor wedding ideas are often discussed while making wedding plans. Having your wedding outdoors can make your wedding an unforgettable experience for you as a couple and your guests. In this post, I have brainstormed and compiled a list of 50 outdoors wedding ideas.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor wedding ideas are often discussed while making wedding plans. Having your wedding outdoors can make your wedding an unforgettable experience for you as a couple and your guests.

Many engaged couples making wedding plans would give some thought to outdoor wedding ideas, because an outdoor wedding can be so romantic and beautiful.

My sister will be getting married in October, so I was inspired to write a wedding related blog post today.

In this post, I have brainstormed and compiled a list of 50 outdoors wedding ideas. Some of these ideas are from movies I?EUR(TM)ve seen. Feel free to mix and match them for your wedding. I have loosely grouped the outdoor wedding ideas by themes.

Outdoor weddings are wonderful because they are scenic, special, and romantic.

In some cases, you don?EUR(TM)t even have to pay for the outdoor wedding venue. You can even save a little on decorations because nature has provided a beautiful setting for your wedding.

Outdoor weddings can also be more informal. They are perfect if you want a fun or contemporary wedding.

There are some drawbacks that could cause you to abandon any outdoor wedding ideas. First there?EUR(TM)s the weather. I?EUR(TM)ve been to an outdoor wedding where the sky looked like it was going to rain. I?EUR(TM)ve been to another where it actually rained!

It really depends on your local climate and weather patterns. Some countries have hot scorching weather, and some have freezing snow.

Brides might have a problem keeping their hair looking perfect in the wind, or have problem wearing high heeled shoes outdoors.

I think that you can overcome any of these problems with proper planning and creative ideas. On to the list of outdoor wedding ideas:

Outdoor Wedding Ideas For the Sea

horses_on_beach by tibchris

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1. Wedding on the beach. Bride and groom make their vows standing in the gentle waves as flower petals are floating on the water.

2. Hawaiian sunset themed wedding on the beach. After the ceremony, wedding reception guests can enjoy the cool sea breeze and feast on Hawaiian food.

3. Wedding on a cliff overlooking the sea. A gazebo is setup for the bride and groom. The view will be amazing.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean themed wedding.

5. Wedding on board a cruise ship. This will be better if the cruise ship?EUR(TM)s route takes you past beautiful scenes on the sea or river side.

6. Hire a private yacht for your guests and hold the wedding on the deck.

7. Wedding on a secluded island. This will be great if you are a celebrity and/or want privacy.

8. Jamaican themed wedding with your wedding band playing reggae and island music.

9. Romantic sunset wedding underneath a stand of palm trees on the beach.

10. Beach Boys wedding theme with a lot of beach music and classic rock ballads.

11. Underwater wedding. Bride and groom put on scuba gear and make their vows under the sea.

Exotic Outdoor Wedding Ideas

waterfall by zoutedrop

12. Wedding in a rice field / wheat field. In the evening, these fields will be a beautiful golden color.

13. Wedding beside a beautiful waterfall, in the middle of a tropical rain forest.

14. Fruit orchard wedding. The fragrance of fruit will enhance all the love that is in the air. Word of advice: avoid durian orchards.

15. Vineyard wedding. Hold your wedding in a beautiful vineyard, and serve a nice selection of wines produced in that local area.

16. Village / community / street wedding. Close off a section of road or your town (with permission from authorities) and hold a wedding feast in the midst of your local community.

17. If you live in the northern countries, you can make your vows under the aurora borealis night sky.

18. Wedding in a farm house setting, with livestock in the background. The wedding reception menu can feature food that is produced right there at the farm.

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Historical or Cultural Outdoor Wedding Ideas

malay_wedding by o b s k u r a

19. Malay wedding. Bride and groom dress in traditional Malay costumes, and Malay food is served to guests.

20. Victorian themed wedding. Bride and groom dress in Victorian era designs, and the wedding will have lots of lace, little teacups and elaborate floral arrangements.

21. Medieval theme. Brides can dress as a princess and grooms can choose to be either a prince or a knight. The bride can arrive seated on a horse, and later the bride and groom can ride off together.

22. Arabian themed wedding.

23. Scottish theme weddings. The groom and his best men wear kilts. Even better if you can book your wedding venue on the grounds of a castle.

24. Thai or Indian theme. Bride and groom arrive on an elephant.

Unusual Outdoor Wedding Ideas

mount_kinabalu by Robert Nyman

25. Wedding in space. Take a flight on board the Virgin Galactic space craft and exchange your vows at the edge of earth?EUR(TM)s atmosphere.

26. Cave men wedding theme. Think Flintstones, or tribal themes. Lots of beating drums. Meat roasting in a fire pit.

27. Fear Factor themed wedding. The bride and groom eat yucky bugs to prove their love to each other.

28. Bride and groom exchange vows while skydiving. Guests assemble at the landing zone and applaud as the just-married couple touchdown in their parachutes.

29. Mountain top wedding. The couple can exchange vows standing on the top of a mountain.

30. Lord of the Rings Theme wedding. Guests dress as elves, dwarves, kings.

31. Chess theme wedding. Bride and groom can dress as king and queen chess pieces. Decorations will be in black and white. The priest will obviously dress as the bishop.

32. Hire a drive thru movie lot for a day. Guests sit in their cars, watch the wedding take place on a large screen, while being served by waiters on roller skates.

33. Have a wedding during the eclipse of the sun. I’m not sure if some consider this a bad omen though.

34. Schedule your wedding to coincide with a meteor shower.

35. Harley Davidson or biker theme wedding. Lots of loud bikes, leather and tattoos!

36. Join a mass wedding at a stadium or temple. Up to hundreds of couples get married at a single event on special dates such as 10/10/10 or 01/11/10.

37. Antique cars theme. Bride and groom arrive in classic cars.

38. If your home is big enough, have a wedding on your lawn or back yard.

39. Pets wedding. Most indoor wedding venues don’t allow pets. Have an outdoor wedding and involve your pets in the occasion.

40. Amazing Race wedding. Leave clues for the groom and his best men to find where the bride is hiding. At each checkpoint, he and his men must perform tasks to prove his love, valor and courage.

41. Charter a private jet and have your wedding ceremony 10,000 feet above the ground.

42. Star Wars theme wedding.

43. Glee theme wedding. The wedding could have a high school theme. There will be singing, lots of singing. As an alternative, you could use a Grease theme.

44. Green wedding. Wedding makes use of recycled products for decoration. Food for wedding reception is sourced from local farmers.

45. Wedding at the place you met. It could be a park or your university.

46. Have your wedding at a theme park. If you can afford it, exchange your vows at Disneyland!

Hotels or Restaurant Outdoor Wedding Ideas

wine_glasses_twilight by Scott Snyder

47. Pool side wedding. Guests can come dressed in beach wear, and your wedding reception can turn into a pool side party.

48. Garden wedding. Choose a hotel with beautifully landscaped grounds for your wedding.

49. Al fresco wedding. Find a restaurant beside a scenic location like a lake, get them to set up tables outdoors and have a wedding under the starry night sky. Arrange a fireworks display to end the evening.

50. Garden wedding with color themes. The color combinations you can select are limitless. You could also choose color themes by season (spring, summer, fall).


Which outdoor wedding idea is the most appealing to you?

Do you have any good ideas to add? Share in the comments below and I might add it to the list!

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Photos By: Benjamin Earwicker, tibchris, zoutedrop, o b s k u r a, Robert Nyman, Scott Snyder