Aloe Vera Flowering

My dad gave us this aloe vera plant around three years ago. It liked it because I had a small collection of succulents. And aloe plants were able to survive well in our tropical climate.

After we moved it to our new house, it suddenly grew a flower stalk. This photo was taken in March, during the MCO.

After a few days, the flowers started to wilt and drop off.

I’ve read that aloe vera plants are unable to self-pollinate, so unfortunately my aloe vera plant cannot produce seeds without another flowering aloe vera plant.

As I write this post in November, it had just sprouted flowers again. But this time there isn’t as many flowers on the stalk.

One Becoming Two

Today I thought I want to share about another one of my cacti. I don’t know the exact species but I just call it my durian cactus.

It has small brown and yellow flowers. There are white patches of hair growing in between the sections.

I’ve had this cactus with me for a few years now. It is a globular shape with a diameter of around 10 cm.

In the past few months I’ve noticed that the top is starting to split into two distinct sections. In the photo you can see two “centres” and it used to be one.

I’m excited. I hope they will grow into two pups!

Flowering Gymnocalycium Borthii Cactus 2

Hello how are you! Hope everyone is healthy and employed during this pandemic.

Last September I uploaded some photos of my flowering cactus. Well since then, the same plant has been blooming every few months. Today I want to share something special because it bloomed three flowers at the same time!

Behind the flowers you can see two small pups that have started growing for a few months now. Maybe at the end of this year I’ll pull them off and put them in their own pot.

I was in the hot sun when taking the photo above so the exposure is a bit low.

That little pink part under the left flower is a flower stalk from a previous flower that already dried up.