Curtain Scolded Me

Recently I came across this curtain… there was a lot of text printed on the curtain, and it started off interesting enough…

That’s nice, I thought. Then it gets really weird.

Yes, it really says what you think it says (I censored it).

Suddenly got scolded by a curtain!

I Hope This is a Joke

Got this in my spam comments queue this morning…

joker spam

It says, “HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia… if you don’t approve this they will kill me”.

And it ends with a desperate plea… “they’re coming back now, please send help!”.


I thought it was one of the funniest spam comments I’ve ever come across.

  1. You would think that the mafia would be selling products like drugs
  2. Why would they kidnap someone to spam comment?
  3. If they really kill the spammer, then good riddance! (though I think this was just a software program)

Get a Flat Belly Now!

I don’t know what Google is trying to tell me, but every time I visit websites I seem to be getting these ads, telling me how I can get a flat belly.

flat belly text ads... i really so fat meh?

flat belly ad2 - stop mocking me!

First of all, I have to ask: How in the world did Google know that I need to lose fat from my belly?

Did they spy on my web cam?

Did they notice that my fingers were overweight as I clicked on the mouse or tapped on the keyboard?

Was it because I visited the Biggest Loser Asia website?

Did I search for fat loss diets one time too many?

The ads are everywhere, even on Facebook. I don’t know if everyone is seeing them or its just me.

I can tell you right here and now, how to get a flat belly instantly.

That’s right. No need to wait one week. Get a flat belly right now!

All you have to do is to buy my new fitness video called “The Durian, Banana and Petai Diet with Adino” for $19.95 (free international shipping).

Eat your way to a flat belly!

If you order now, I will throw in a free copy of “Teach Your Baby Piano” e-book!

An amazing order not to be missed!

Learn how to get an immediate flat belly by taking a deep breath, and… sucking in your belly! Voila, instant flat belly!

Wait, did I just give away the secret, and now you don’t have to buy my fitness video?


Err… ok ok I give you a 90% discount if you ORDER NOW!