Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, especially to Poey Chin my wonderful wife.

We won’t be doing anything special today because we already celebrated Valentine’s Day last night.

We had a simple pasta dinner at Pizzeria Bella Italia in SS2, topped off with a wonderful tiramisu cake that you must try. I’m proud to say that our dinner was within budget, and they serve ice water for free 🙂

The servers were professional and courteous, the food was reasonably priced and they had that dim lighting atmosphere. My wife said the cook was a handsome hunk 🙁

The shop is located on the row behind KFC, a few doors away from Public Bank in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

Happiest Day of My Life

On June 16 2007, Poey Chin and I took our marriage vows in front of God, our relatives and our friends.

It was the happiest day of my life. There were smiles on everyone’s faces, and it was a wonderful time of celebrating our love and reunion with family members and friends.

Here are some photos from our wedding ceremony:

Chloe and Claudia our flower girls.
Keith, our ring bearer and nephew number 1
My darling, and my father in law walking into the hall
Handover ceremony. I said “Thank you, father”
Checking with Donny… “The rings still there ah?”
I don’t remember what we were laughing about la…
Adjusting her gloves a little bit…
Vernice, her bridesmaid.
A view from the back…
Hsien Chun and Elizabeth, our backup singers
Donny, hunky handsome eligible bachelor worship leader. Can also see a bit of Leon on the left and Lionel on the right.
Rev Lim Yeu Chuen sharing a message and Sis Lei Ngoh translating into Cantonese
Our parents lit a candle to signify their love
We then used those candles to light our own candle, signifying a new life together.
Saying our vows. I don’t know why I had to get a pimple on my wedding day.
Exchanging rings
We had to do this in slow motion to allow the photographers to capture the moment. I love you darling.
The kiss.
The mock signing ceremony (we’ve already signed our marriage cert three days before)

My speech (probably will write about this in another post). I thanked her family for taking care of her, and sharing why I love her. I also reminded everyone that God is preparing a wedding banquet for us (His bride and church), and encouraged everyone to make sure we meet again in that banquet in heaven.

That’s it! I’ll share photos from the wedding dinner in another post.

To view more posts and photos about my wedding, go to my Wedding page. Either click at the Wedding link at the top of this blog or go to http://www.adinochang.com/wedding

The Second Month of Marriage

Today is the second month anniversary of my marriage to a wonderful, sweet, lovely, beautiful, great-cook, talented and patient woman.

Happy 2nd month anniversary darling.

As I was thinking about my marriage on the way to work, I discovered that the second month was completely different from the first month.

The first month was a month of:

1. Discovery. Discovering each other’s habits and traditions was surprising, delighting and frustrating at times.
2. Changes. We both had to adjust to living with each other, which meant a lot of change in our daily routines.
3. Fights. A lot of quarrels over small things. I hit my wife for the first time.
4. New stuff. My bank account balance continued it’s countdown as we purchased essential items like an oven, a book shelf, new cooking utensils.
5. New experiences. Adjusting to a new church is not easy, especially one as huge as DUMC.
6. New responsibilities. Now that I’m not staying with my parents, I have to do a lot of things on my own 🙁

In summary, the first month was very challenging and quite stressful.

In the second month, we both felt more comfortable:

1. We have adjusted to our new daily routines. Meal times and sleeping times more constant (this is important for me!).
2. Less fights as we have resolved most of the small small issues bugging us, like where to put our towels.
3. We went through our first serious moment as a married couple when we thought she was expecting.
4. Growing closer in our spiritual walk together
5. Able to support each other better. This month was full of drama, and we learned to support each other through it.

My wife is very wonderful. I love her very much.

So, for all of you readers who are married. What can I expect in the coming months? Anything to watch out for? Any warnings? Tips?

Photograph by Tanya McConnell

P/S: No, I didn’t buy flowers.