Old Bowling Pins by foxrosser

I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook that I’ve just finished reading the book Bowl Like a Pro by David Ozio.

I picked up the book in the library. I was browsing through the sports section looking at books on chess, when I saw this book laying down at its side, calling to me.

At first, I didn’t want to borrow the book. I had seen some Star Wars novels in the fiction section that I wanted to borrow instead.

I also thought that I knew everything there was to know about bowling. After all, I started bowling when I was ten years old, guided by my parents who won many league trophies.

How wrong I was.

The Things I Didn’t Know

One of the thing that struck me was I didn’t have the fundamentals right.

For one, my approach was not right. I knew how to aim at the arrows, but I didn’t figure that my starting position would influence the path of the ball.

I didn’t know that I should let gravity and momentum do the work on my arm swing. I was muscling it, and the ball would go further left as I got tired.

I was concentrating too hard on getting a hook ball, not knowing that the hook ball is impossible to control if you don’t have your fundamentals right.

I found out how having your own bowling shoes and bowling balls can dramatically improve your score. The bowling alley balls do not make use of the latest bowling ball technology.

I found out how you can bowl a 190 game without a single strike, if you can convert all your spares.

Most of all, I found out that those unorthodox  bowling styles you watch on TV may not be the most suitable for you. The reason why those pros can pull it off, is they play more games in a week than we normal people can practice in a year.

I found out that the ‘mental’ game they keep talking about, does not just cover the psychological state of mind, but includes using your analysis and problem solving skills.

I also learned that you should practice with purpose, not just throwing the balls and hoping you will improve. I need to set goals to achieve and a strategy for improvement.

A Secret Affair

Honestly I’ve been a bit obsessed with bowling in the past week.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos of bowling matches, and watching coaching videos too.

I’ve been checking out bowling equipment websites.

I’ve even opened an account at, a website that allows you to input your game scores and pin fall history for later analysis.

I can’t wait to go bowling again.

Sometimes I feel like I’m having an affair. Not to say I have any experience in having affairs, but you know what I mean.

I have to think of dates and times when my wife won’t notice I’m gone. Maybe I’ll go bowling at midnight. Maybe I’ll go on weekends when she’s having a nap.

I have to think of ways so that my extra expenses won’t affect our family budget.

I have to plan ahead, maybe taking a day off work just to find time to go bowling. I think I know how golfers feel.

I would bring her along, but she’s pregnant right now. Later I plan to teach Rachel to bowl as well.

My First Date

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to visit a bowling alley soon. Maybe this weekend I’ll go alone, and if my sister and her boyfriend are free next week, we might go for an 11pm game (they have happy hour, yahoo!).

Who knows where I’ll go from here.

After all, it’s almost been ten years since I’ve bowled regularly.

I may suck so bad, I’ll give up and forget the whole thing.

I may have a good experience and get hooked again.

I hope I don’t get a heart attack or something. That would really be¬†embarrassing.

Photo by Fox Rosser, CC BY-ND 2.0