Temptation to Buy Bowling Ball

It seems there’s a conspiracy to take away my hard earned money.

I’m so close (like a few hours away) to buying myself one of these:

Brunswick Power Groove Reactive Pink Pearl

The Brunswick Power Groove Reactive entry level performance ball.

I asked around, and the price for this baby is RM 400. The online retail price in the US is around $62, so they’re selling it for double the price. However, factor in the shipping fees and it comes to the same.

Here are my (wild) justifications for why I want (need) a bowling ball:

1. I’m bowling regularly now. It’s time to get my own equipment.

2. Using a different bowling ball (with different finger fitting and weight) each time I bowl makes it hard to bowl consistently.

3. I am picking up bad habits and can’t get a smooth release because I don’t have a ball that is fitted for my hand.

4. A ball with reactive coverstock will grip the lane better, which allows the ball to enter the pocket at a better angle, which should produce more strikes, which will improve my average.

5. Honestly I think having my own ball shows I’m serious about the game. And I’m not afraid (though a little ashamed) to admit, I would feel very proud about it.

6. If I do get a high performance ball later, this ball can also be used as a spare ball.

I am choosing an entry level performance ball because is suitable for my current skill level. I might not be able to control a pro level ball.

The only things that cause me to hesitate are:

1. Getting a ball means I have to get a bag (RM100++)

2. There’s extra charges for finger inserts and drilling (RM50)

3. I’m not sure if the drilling will be done correctly or not

4. I’ll probably want to get a pair of shoes while I’m there (RM150++)

5. Still undecided on the ball weight

6. Still looking at other brands (may consider if can get a better deal)

7. The ball is not ‘cool’ enough. Maybe something like a skull bowling ball would be interesting. But then again, a skull ball probably won’t hook at all.

All in all, I’m looking at spending a minimum of RM700 *gulp*

And RM700 will look really nice sitting in my retirement account.


Actually my dad passed me his bowling ball. It’s a (classic) Brunswick Black Beauty rubber ball. It think it was in production 25 years ago.

I love the ball because it fits my hand perfectly, but the problem is it’s too heavy (16 pounds!).

I tried using it once, but I’m not as strong as daddy. I couldn’t release the ball smoothly (imagine a loud THUNK) and I ended up really short of breath after a few games.

So here I am again. Should I buy the bowling equipment? Should I save the money? Should I get an iPod touch? (hey how did that come in the picture).

Bowling, old age. Strikes, sustenance. A game, survival or poverty. High scores, high quality of life. Short term pleasure, long term gain.

* mesmerized…. by… shiny… ball…*

Bowling Courtesy

sir please by yumiang

Since I wrote this bowling blog post in January, I’ve been bowling an average of once a week. I’m hooked (get it?).

When I bowl, my mind will usually tune out most of the things happening around me. I am too busy thinking about:

  • how my body is moving
  • how I can fix mistakes I made in the last shot
  • how to get the ball in the pocket
  • how to get a spare

But sometimes, there are just some things that disrupt my concentration.

First let me just say that I understand how bowling can be a social event. It’s perfectly fine to have fun and a good time.

There are some unwritten rules and courtesies that should be practiced by everyone.

Courtesy #1: Give Way

If a bowler on the next lane has already stepped on the approach, please let that person complete their throw before stepping on the approach for your delivery.

I can’t believe how often bowlers on my left and right will totally disregard this courtesy and just “cut queue”. This is my pet peeve.

This can really disrupt the focus of a bowler, not to mention it can be dangerous to have two heavy swinging bowling balls in close proximity.

What if you trip or lose your balance, and you fall on to my lane just as my bowling ball is swinging down with full force? Don’t blame me for any missing teeth.

A related courtesy is: If both bowlers step on the approach at the same time, the bowler on the right should be allowed to go first.

Courtesy #2: Get Off the Approach

After you make your delivery, it’s okay to stay a while to evaluate the result of your throw. It’s even okay to celebrate and do a little dance. But please get off the approach in a timely manner once the pins have dropped.

One time I had a kid sitting down at the end of the approach while his sister was bowling. I had to wait until he finished his little bit of mischief before I could resume bowling.

Other times there would be people standing in my way to take photographs of their friends, without even checking with me.

Courtesy #3: Bowling Ball

Please don’t touch my bowling ball.

I’ve had people in the next lane use the ball I was using, and I had to wait for the ball to come back before I could use it.

Put back the bowling balls after you’ve used them. Sometimes I arrive at a lane where there are ten bowling balls left there by irresponsible people.

Please don’t kick the bowling ball.

Please don’t throw the bowling ball from the approach. You will damage the approach (because it is un-oiled). A damaged approach makes it hard for other bowlers to deliver the ball.

Courtesy #4: Don’t Scream Unnecessarily

I understand how ecstatic it could be for one of your team mates to get a strike. I experience the same thrill and excitement. There is always a good reason to celebrate a strike.

But screaming and celebrating when you get a 7-10 split is not cool.

Remember that focus and concentration is really vital for a bowler. Any excessive noise (for no good reason) is distracting.


It’s fine if you make mistakes (like dropping the ball) when you bowl. Nobody will laugh or look down at you because everyone has made the same mistakes before.

It’s when you start being inconsiderate and disrespectful, other bowlers will really think badly of you.

Sometimes I wish I had a skull bowling ball to get others to keep a distance from me.

Please consider these common courtesies the next time you go bowling, so everyone can have a good game.

I hope I didn’t scare anyone away from going bowling with me. And I hope I didn’t come across as too demanding.

My ‘bowling time’ is really precious to me. I really get upset when it is ruined by others. I try not to let it get to me but sometimes it’s hard.

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Photo By : yumiang / CC BY 2.0

Bowling at U-Bowl 1 Utama

bowling ball by jonnykeelty

I did it! After sharing with you that I felt like bowling, I actually did it, alone, last weekend.

I parked my car at the 4th floor and walked in to the U-Bowl bowling alley to find a company event taking place.

I was so worried that they won’t open any lanes to the public.

I walked up to the counter and asked the counter staff (who I’ll refer to as Busy Suzy) if the lanes were open on that day.

“Yes, wait.”

So I waited for a while, so happy that I was gonna get some bowling done on that day.

“Berapa game?” (how many games), Busy Suzy asked.

“Tiga,” (three) I replied. I hastily added “kasut size 10” (size 10 shoes).

I paid RM20 as she activated the bowling system on her console.

I was so excited hearing the bowling pins, and smelling the oil, knowing that I was going to be bowling soon.

I selected a 14 pound ball, went to my lane and put on my bowling shoes. I keyed in my name into the system, and started bowling.


I think I set too high expectation for myself. The first game after by big ‘comeback’ and I scored an 84. I didn’t even bother jotting down my score sheet.

The lanes were so oily. Oily like they had a hokkien mee party the previous night. No matter what I tried, the ball went straight.

Ignoring the score for the first game, I started to practice those things I read in the bowling book.

For my next game, I switched to a purple grape 12 pound ball.

Now let me pause here. Using a 12 pound ball is a bit embarrassing, especially when there was a lady at the next lane using the same weight.

Immediately I could see better results because I was able to aim the ball better.


A 132 game, which I’m quite happy with, though I know there’s still a lot for me to improve.

I missed the head pin too much and wasted a couple of spares.

Third game, I was getting really tired (now you know how unfit I am). I could only muster up a 118 game.


In the 8th frame I had threw an embarrassing gutter ball that masuk longkang about half way. Really no idea what happened. Maybe I got distracted. Wasted the strike.

My body is hurting a bit. Some muscles are sore as expected, and I am still recovering.

Positive review for myself, is I practiced my approach (but not perfect yet). I managed to pickup a 7 pin spare once, and a 10 pin spare twice.

I’m looking forward to my next bowling outing.

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Photo by jonnykeelty / CC BY 2.0