I’m Starting to Panic

It’s only three months to the wedding and I haven’t started planning yet!!

Well, it’s not exactly true that I haven’t started planning, but I have not put serious effort to planning the details. For example, I don’t even know how to confirm theme to our wedding! Thanks to my friends D and L who gave us some suggestions on Sunday night. We are now thinking of a Japanese spring colour theme, with lots of pinks and pastel colours. Hmm… I can’t really visualize how the hotel ballroom will look like.

I haven’t chosen anyone to be the MC for the night. I haven’t decided if the wedding service will be bi-lingual or not. I haven’t chosen the song list. I haven’t confirmed the band. I haven’t got a car for the wedding. I haven’t got my suit yet. I haven’t confirmed my ring bearer and flower girls. I haven’t confirmed the dinner menu. I haven’t printed my wedding invitations! I haven’t confirmed the guest list! I haven’t decided if alcohol will be served or not!! I haven’t arranged for the marriage registration!! I haven’t started getting into shape!!! I haven’t prepared my wedding vows!!!!

I… *pant pant pant*


Pengsan already…

Wedding Photo Shoot

Today was a very tiring day. We woke up to go to the bridal studio at 7am, and Poey Chin started her makeup. At around 8.30am, we drove to Lake Gardens in KL where we started our outdoor photography session.

Initially I was a bit nervous. It’s kind of weird when you’re in a public place all dressed up as bride and groom. The adults managed to control their stares but their kids gawked unashamedly. Some tourists even congratulated us and wished us best of luck in our marriage. After taking a few shots I told myself not to care about the people staring. After all, it’s our wedding photos, and they won’t even appear in the photos. So I pretended we’re all alone at the Lake Gardens.

Our photographer was very professional, making us go into all sorts of poses. There was a lot of physical requirements such as jumping in the air and carrying Poey Chin in my arms. I was sweating within the first 15 minutes because I was wearing a vest and a coat in the Malaysian morning sun.

Thank God for the helpers that came along to make sure our hair and makeup stayed in place. So much for our outdoor wedding ideas and plans!

We returned to the studio around 12pm to start our indoor photo shoot. Poey Chin changed into a few beautiful gowns and I changed into different suits. For each gown she had to do hair and makeup all over again. She looks so beautiful.

We took over a hundred shots. For those of you who haven’t gone through it, it got quite tiring. There’s only so much you can smile. And there are just those few poses you can position yourself in. We finally finished around 4pm.
I just hope all the photos come out nicely. Our wedding photo package allows us to choose only 30 photos. If we want to choose more, there will be additional charges. I told Poey Chin that we don’t have to take additional photos, since we have appointed a photographer for our wedding day, and we get to keep all the photos he takes.

Today I really felt like her groom. It’s not just wearing the special clothes, but there’s this special feeling I had that it’s a special day. I had a foretaste of how my wedding day will be like. It’s like we’re finally doing it, our wedding is coming really soon. I love how Poey Chin looks in her wedding gown. I like how I look in a suit. I love how she looks at me, how the sunlight makes the patterns in her iris stand out.

Today for a few hours, we were bride and groom. Ohh… I’m so in love. Mua mua mua to my baby.

Thinking About My Wedding

Last Saturday I attended a wedding dinner from one of my youth friends in my previous church. The venue happens to be the same place I’m hosting my wedding, so I was impressed with what I will be getting.

After the wedding dinner, my darling and I were discussing on our own plans for our wedding. We decided that it’s time to begin serious planning for our wedding. There are so many things to do! As we were talking, I realized that I’m going to be very busy real soon. I began to realize that my wedding was not as simple as I envisioned it. It was going to be a day filled with activities from the start to the end! Needless to say, this left me a little lost and feeling helpless.

I pondered on the reason for all the ‘necessary’ things that are needed for weddings. Sure, a lot of the activities and ceremonies are deemed necessary to conform to Chinese tradition. But when you come to think about it, a lot of things have been commercialized today. Why is it now compulsory to wear designer gowns, to drink champagne and to arrive in a Mercedes Benz? Who said that wedding photos need to be taken in studios (who over-charge you anyway)? Who said that brides and grooms must look as slim possible?

There’s always this pressure that weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so we must not hold back from getting things perfect. I’d like to point out that the wedding lasts for only one day, while any debts I incur may take years for me to recover from. I’d tell them that these frills actually takes the focus away from what’s important (i.e., my bride).

What happened to simplicity? I’ve always imagined my wedding to be a sweet and intimate time with my family and friends. My idea was to have the essence of a ceremony to make our wedding vows before God and before everyone. There will not be a need to impress anybody, and there will not be a need to conform to traditions that add no value to our marriage.


What I’m trying to say is we need to be aware of the influences and expectations put upon us. When planning for something as important as a wedding, we can get carried away. I just want our wedding to be as pure as possible without being corrupted by commercial expectations and worldly customs.

Anyway, our wedding will be a nice one. I’m going to spend extra on flowers and ribbons because that’s how Poey Chin likes it. It’s being hosted in a posh five star hotel. We’re going to be taking our wedding photos at a studio wearing designer clothes. I don’t know about me being slimmer, but we’re going to drink champagne and arrive in a Mercedes Benz. I’m going to love it.

We threw around some outdoor wedding ideas, but ultimately felt that it wasn’t right for us.

I will try my best to fight the commercialism. After my wedding, I don’t want my guests to be impressed about all the things they can see around them. I just want them to be impressed that Poey Chin and I love each other very much. I want them to remember our vows and to be a part of our new life together. Ten years from now, I want people to remember my wedding because they can see how much we love each other.