Bridal Photos Part 1

I am pleased to share with you all some photos of me and my beautiful darling. We took most of these photos at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur.Early in the morning we went to the studio. Here we are getting ready for the photo shoot. Regular readers of this blog will notice that the tie looks sooo familiar. Don’t worry, mom already bought me a new tie for my wedding day.

We arrived at the Lake Gardens… it took a while to understand what our photographer wanted… but we happily followed his instructions and things turned out beautifully.

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What Song Should I Use?

We haven’t decided on a song to use for our wedding yet. This will be the song for the bridal procession to the altar.

We have several criteria:
1) It must be a Christian song
2) It should have a medium tempo so the procession can follow
3) It must sound contemporary
4) It must be a love song (obviously)

Any suggestions?