The One About the Toothbrush

This morning I was brushing my teeth (not a remarkable event in itself but read on…)

As I was standing there, a thought struck me with the speed of a puppy’s tail wagging to welcome you home, or a traffic police officer having amnesia after being offered kopi o (black coffee).

Now, when I brush my teeth I always stand in front of the mirror, right hand brushing away and left hand on my waist (like a little teapot short and stout). I stand with my back fairly straight and legs slightly apart.

Now, take a moment to think back to this morning when you were brushing your teeth (especially for those of you who have the same tooth brushing posture as me).

What were you thinking about?

I realised that each morning since I can remember, I have been thinking about the Oral-B man! (That last sentence would be weird if taken out of context).

As I brush my teeth, I remember how the ad shows a dentist who can’t show his face (apparently because dentists aren’t allowed to appear on TV). We see his muscular body and he’s brushing with his right hand with his tea-pot left arm on his waist. He’s using an Oral-B toothbrush and telling us how Oral-B is the brand dentists prefer.

Every morning, this ad runs through my mind. Usually I just dismiss the image and move on to other things… but I can’t believe how this keeps automatically coming to my head.

I’ve been… gasp... thinking of a muscular man each morning! What is my head trying to tell me!?

Is it just me, or do you think about this too? (I’m referring to the Oral-B thing, not the half naked man)

Triple Scoop Chocolate Sundae

Wuching and Tine tagged me with this meme. I was waiting for a third person to tag me but it didn’t happen, so here goes! I have to give three answers to each question, then tag three other people.

DJ: “Good morning, Mr Doraemon, thank you for joining us here on Mix.FM”

Me: “Good morning, very glad to be here. Err, it’s Adino”

DJ: “We love your blog. Listeners make sure you check out his blog at DoraemonChang.Com”
Me: “Actually, it’s Adi…”

DJ: “Let’s get on with the program. What are three things that scare you?”

Me: “My nightmare is going into public naked. I’m afraid of losing my loved ones (including my puppy) and I’m terrified when I’m at the centre of attention”

DJ: “Who makes you laugh? It’s us Mix FM DJs right?”

Me: “Actually I don’t listen to your station hehe… *ackward silence*…. I’d have to say my sister makes me laugh most of all with her jokes. Second would be my friends with their silly jokes, and third would be Sushi my cuddly Shih Tzu.”

DJ: “How come you don’t listen to our station? Anyway…. what do you love in life?”

Me: “God, my wife and my family”

DJ: “Not us Mix FM DJs meh? Hahaha…”

Me: “No.”

DJ: “Aww, don’t be shy haha… What about things you hate? “

Me: “Arrogant people, talkative people who don’t say anything intelligent, credit card promoters”

DJ: “Are you saying we’re stupid? Do you think you’re so smart and can understand everything?”

Me: “No, I’m just saying some talkative people are not so intelligent. I don’t understand String theory, I don’t know why bad things happen to good people, and I don’t understand why people can have such different points of view that they could go to war with each other.”

DJ: “ZZZZzzz… *snort* OK next question. What are three things on your desk right now?”

Me: “My computer, my office phone and my hand phone. Sigh… reminds me a bit of the reality that is about to hit me real soon”

DJ: “I want to get this over with. Quick, name three things that you are doing”

Me: “I want to get it over with too. I’m involved in three major projects at work, I’m involved with a personal freelance project at home, and I’ve got another huge personal project coming along.”

DJ: “Three major projects? You’re so important meh? Don’t you have anything else you want to do before you die besides doing projects?”

Me: “Before I die, I want to see my loving wife beside me along with all our grandchildren. I want to write a book. I want to finish Final Fantasy 28.”

DJ: “What can you do now?”

Me: “I command computers to obey my whim and fancy. I can play the bass guitar. I can kill Star Destroyers with an X-Wing.”

DJ: “So smart meh? Got anything you can’t do?”

Me: “I can’t run 21km. I can’t sing. I can’t stop worrying.”

DJ: “What do you think people should listen to? And what shouldn’t they listen to?”

Me: “Listen to God. Listen to your parents. Find good role models and mentors and listen to them. Don’t listen to advertisements. Ignore offers that are too good to be true. Don’t listen to trashy music”

DJ: “You obviously don’t listen to radio then. Do you watch TV? What shows did you grow up with?”

Me: “I remember the A-Team, Mission Impossible and the Thundercats”

DJ: “Delightfully boring. Thank you for being on our show. Don’t come back again.”

Me: *grab the mike* “I want to say that dogs have feelings too! Open your eyes to the things that are happening in our country! I want to tag Giddy Tiger, KeeYit and CBenc12! Don’t listen to…”

*censored by radio station*

I’m Google Rank #4 For Naughty Photos!

I think I overdid it this time. I knew I shouldn’t have pasted all those nude photos of Sushi my naked Shih Tzu all over my blog.

I was looking through my AWStats web analytics today, and I saw someone coming to my blog looking for “naughty photos of my wife personal website“. Go ahead. Google that and see whose website is at position number 4. I can wait.

It’s me! I’m not proud of this. I’m a bit embarassed and feeling quite puzzled.

If you filter to view only pages from Malaysia, can you see whose website is at position number 1? Well, I can console myself that I beat the SPCA and their naughty cat.

Cham la… is this what all of my blogging has amounted to? Will people only come to read about how I hit my wife and look for naughty photos? What’s going to happen to my reputation now?

Let me say just one thing. There are no naughty photos of my wife here! My wife is not naughty okay? If you want to see naughty photos here, I show you my fist of fury first want or not?

I hope AdSense won’t start displaying some naughty ads, otherwise I may have to take it all off. I’m not talking about taking off my clothes! I mean take the ads off!