Sushi the Shih Tzu

I’ve decided that from today onwards, I will call my dog Sushi the Shih Tzu. If he’s naughty I’ll call him my Sushi the Naughty Shih Tzu.

I think it has a certain catchiness about it. It kind of rhymes, and I bet you will remember my dog’s name for the whole day.

Anyway, just want to let Mummy and Lydia know that Sushi and all of us are missing you both. Have a great time in Melbourne!

Really Sleepy Today

I’m really tired today. On Monday and Tuesday I did some exercise, and my body was already extremely tired. Last night while trying to sleep my evil pet dog Sushi the Shih Tzu kept growling and barking at the people upstairs. Sigh. Did I mention that I have elephants living upstairs? All night it’s bump bump THUMP THUMP SLAM!

Right now I’m feeling groggy, a bit dizzy and disorientated. I feel a bit moody, but I’m not going to let that affect me at work today.