The Apple iMac Temptation

I needed to get a new computer to replace my 5 year old Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop.

My needs are simple:

1) Space saving
2) Good quality
3) Should not be obsolete for another 5 years

Okay, maybe my needs weren’t so simple after all.

Requirement 1 means most desktops are out of the picture. My condo is cluttered enough, and both Poey Chin and I agree not to add to the mess.

Requirement 2 is important because I don’t want to buy something cheap but have it break down after using it for one year.

Requirement 3 means I don’t mind paying a bit more right now, to get something that will last for a long long time.

At first I was looking at the various Dell laptops like Izzie, then I seriously thought of getting the Mac Mini, which is a cube shaped computer that can sit in the palm of your hand. It costs just RM2300 for the entry model.

I did a detailed study among the different specs, options and prices, and it came down to three choices. The Dell desktop is the cheapest, but it would violate Requirement 1. Lower range Dell laptops are cheap, but I doubt they meet Requirements 2 and 3. Higher range Dell laptops were my best bet.

And then, I came upon the Apple iMac. Oh yes, the iMac. I think it stands out in a class of its own.

This is the whole computer (without power cable and mouse). Minimal cables and space.

Right now I’m deciding if what I should get. A Dell, or an iMac.

Update: Thanks to Precious for letting me know about the Dell Hybrid, launched yesterday. You can order it from the Dell Malaysia website. A machine with comparable specs to an iMac entry level will cost RM700 less. Sigh… so hard to choose.

A certain percentage of you dear readers are using the Safari web browser, so I think there are a few Mac users amongst you. Can you tell me if I should go ahead with buying the iMac? Every review I read online either worships or hates the Mac.

I am leaning quite heavily toward the iMac. In fact, I will go and purchase it this Sunday from the nearest Mac City.

P/S: Anyone know a way to get discounts for a new iMac 20″ 2.66GHz? Current retail price is RM5300 *ouch*


Here are some photos I took of Izzie.

1. In this photo, Izzie is sitting on my dining table. I got the sun-burst batik from Kota Kinabalu’s Filipino market two years ago.

2. This is not the blue screen of death, it’s just a shot that I took while she was waking up. On the left you can see my baby Patrick tissue box. Outside my window you can see my underwear hanging to dry.

3. A close up of Izzie. Look at those curves.

4. I chose this angle to get a halo effect. Angelic and awe inspiring.

Well, so far it’s been great. She hasn’t given me any troubles so far. Not even so much as a whimper.

Some have asked me if Izzie is my new girlfriend.

No, she’s not!

She’s just a toy 😛