Annual Wrapping Activity

No this is not about wrapping presents. Every year we have to spend a few days wrapping text books.

I am thankful to the government for providing loan textbooks for all primary and secondary pupils. Daryl is actually in the first batch of kids to use the KSSR program. And this means he gets to use brand new textbooks every year.

The books are meant to be used for five years. Caleb is in the second batch so it’s not too bad, he uses one year old books.

I wrap books really slowly. I can spend half an hour wrapping just one book because I make sure it’s wrapped well. So in one night I can only wrap four books before I lose the ability to focus.

At the end of the year, we need to return the text books. If the text book is in a bad condition we need to pay money to purchase a brand new book for the school. The teacher will judge a book to be bad condition if they don’t think it will last the whole five years.

This year there is a delay in text book returns and distribution due to the MCO. There is a step-by-step process where past year students have to return text books before distributing to the incoming year students.

So until today Rachel has not received her Form One textbooks.

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