How to Pay DBKL Parking Saman

This post tells you how and where to settle DBKL summons, and how to avoid paying the full fine.

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Last updated June 5 2015.

Recently I got a DBKL traffic compound for not displaying a parking ticket when I parked my car during office hours in Kuala Lumpur.

At first I tried not to feel too bad about it, but I took a closer look at the DBKL parking saman and it said I had to pay RM100. My heart sank.

I searched online regarding where to pay DBKL Summon, Rayuan Kompaun DBKL and DBKL Saman Discount but I couldn’t find any information.

Here’s what I learned, and I hope to share with the rest of you who may be looking for the same information.

To Pay Or Not to Pay

The first question to ask yourself is, do you want to pay or just ignore the DBKL Kompaun?

Some people say that they’ve never paid a single saman because no action can be taken against them.

On the other hand, some people cannot sleep if they have something like that pending.

From what I understand, failure to settle the compound will mean DBKL can take legal action against you.

So the answer to this question is yes you should pay.

But I guess if you don’t pay, there isn’t much that could happen to you or your car. Unless you have some future dealings with DBKL (like if your car got towed or something).

You might ask, “if I don’t want to pay DBKL saman, can I renew my road tax?” Yes, for now the two systems are not linked so you are not barred from renewing your road tax.

How Much to Pay

If you settle the saman quickly (I think within 14 days) you will only have to pay half the price, which is RM50.

Update 5 June 2015: I think they’ve stopped giving the half price discount. Read the new FAQ point #19. Can any blog readers help to share your recent experience?

19. Bolehkah kesalahan lalulintas di bawah Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 dan kaedah-kaedah lalulintas Jalan 1959 dibuat rayuan?
Kesalahan-kesalahan tersebut tidak boleh dirayu dan kadar adalah seragam diantara DBKL, PDRM dan JPJ.

Where to Settle DBKL Compound

You can pay the DBKL saman at any DBKL branch.

Check out for the DBKL payment counter location address and contact numbers.

They are open Mon – Fri (7:30am to 5pm) and every 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturday (8am to 1pm).

I think you can now pay online at MyEG, but I’ve never tried it.

Check Saman Online

First option is from DBKL site Semakan Notis Kompaun Trafik. I don’t have any outstanding saman now, so I don’t know if the DBKL website allows you to pay online. Blog readers please share your experience ya.

Second option is from MyEG. You need to login or create an account, then choose DBKL from the eServices menu. Choose “Check/Pay Offense(s)/Compound(s) / Semak/Bayar Kesalahan/Kompaun”.


Enter either your vehicle number or IC number, then click proceed.


My Experience

Note: This was my experience from year 2011.

The next day, I had to take time off work due to tyre puncture (talk about bad fortune happening to my car) so after fixing the tyre I went over to TTDI branch.

After making a few rounds I found a car park. I saw the DBKL officer prowling so I paid for a parking ticket this time and walked to the DBKL branch.

There wasn’t anybody else there so I just walked to the counter and gave the makcik my DBKL kompaun.

She took a look at it, typed something in the computer and I saw on the display that I needed to pay RM50.

I forked out the cash, she printed a receipt and that’s it. I didn’t even say a word and all done in less than a minute.

23 thoughts on “How to Pay DBKL Parking Saman”

  1. Helpful post. 🙂 I got a parking summons when I went to PD for a holiday and forgot to display the parking ticket. It was RM30 and I immediately settled it for RM10. (discount for settlement within 7 days). It cost me the same as a book of parking tickets would have cost. 🙂

    Adino: Once I got parking summons in Ipoh, fortunately my father in law settled it. I remember it cost RM10 or something also.

  2. i got parking summon from dbkl which never said how much is it.. when i went to pay it on the same day, they said i got to pay rm100 with no discount. it’s not fair

    Adino: That’s strange. Has anyone else here have the same experience? Could there be some new “no-discount” policy from DBKL?

  3. found ur page when i google for dbkl summon..
    i got a rm100 (forgot to display parking summon), asked the officer, said i will only need to pay rm50 if pay within 7 or 14 days… not sure whethers its true..

    Adino: Yeah I only paid RM50 because I went to settle it the next day.

  4. you go to which branch? I want to go as well .. now is 8th day.. hopefully is entitle for 50%

    Adino: I went to Taman Tun branch

  5. How about compounds issued by Polis Diraja Malaysia (That’s what it says at the very top of the slip I got)? Are the procedures the same?

    Adino: For PDRM summons, I think you can pay online. Just google ‘pay saman online’, I think MyEG is one of the sites. Another option is to pay at the traffic police branch at certain police stations.

  6. I got the saman at Jln Pinang on Friday Feb 8 which I parked less than 15minutes to collect my medications at wisma hla. How much the damages if I pay within 14 days

    Adino: Sorry to hear about it, but I’m not sure how about the compound amount. Is it indicated on the ticket?

  7. where is the taman tun branch yeah?

    Adino: Taman Tun DBKL payment counter address (it’s near the market) :
    No. 6, Jalan Wan Kadir 1,
    Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
    60000 Kuala Lumpur.

  8. I wanted pay on myeg but they charge me rm2 extra. N how come u paid half the amount while mine didnt get discounted. I only got minr ytd

  9. Hi Bro. A question, if my original summon are missing. How can i rayuan and pay at DBKL counter? Tq…

    Adino: Hmm, I’m not sure. Anyone readers can assist? If it were me, I’d just print the web page from the “Check Saman” page and then bring it there to try my luck.

  10. Yes.. u just check & print the saman from the web & bring to the counter to pay or bring it to ‘rayuan’. If the date of saman it so long ago, u can get the rayuan or diskaun to the legal officer at Menara DBKL 1 at counter 15.

  11. Got a summons for parking at motor spot. On the summon it was written RM150 if settled within 2 weeks. But on MYEG, it was on RM30, +RM2 service charge. Quickly paid. May 2016.

  12. Yes. You may pay through online with RM 30 for now, and additional of RM 2 service charge with another 0.12 for GST! Had a great day man. 23th May 2016.

  13. Good information……
    Helped me to pay only for 30RM
    …The summon was 200RM if not settled within two weeks but I crossed two weeks and online showed to pay only 30RM.

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