Yummy Home Made Burger Breakfast

Today I’m going to share one of the reasons why I love my wife Poey Chin so much.
Two weeks ago, she woke up early in the morning to prepare this yummy breakfast.
Yummy burger
Tasty juicy beef burgers with cucumber and tomato slices, placed in a sesame seed bun. Add some slices of processed cheddar cheese and a bit of chili sauce… wonderful!
Yummy burger
It was so delicious even Rachel loved it.

3 thoughts on “Yummy Home Made Burger Breakfast”

  1. Looks yummy… ask PC if i can have some….

    Adino: Sure she will say ok, but your cooking also very good!

  2. and you down it all with hot mushroom soup.


    Adino: I forgot to mention, the burger patty is not oily and rubbery at all. It’s a more expensive brand but certainly tastes better.

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