WTF Phone Calls

Some treats for you all today 🙂

In the computing world, there’s a term “WTF”. I’m sure you know what it stands for (what the f***), but one other blogger has nicely termed it as “Worse Than Failure”. It is used when we encounter situations of:

  1. Dumb management
  2. Dumb programmers
  3. Dumb users
  4. Dumb mistakes we make ourselves

Let me share with you some stories of phone calls I get at work. Names have been changed to protect myself (the innocent).

Case One: Flirty Mary

Me: Hello?
Mary: Hello Adino, I have this problem…
Me: Did you click this and this and this?
Mary: Oh yeah, not yet hahaha… Adino you are so good la…
Me: No lah, haha…
Mary: You know ah, I thought I did something wrong in the system. If my boss find out I will lose my job.
Me: *joke* I also won’t have job la haha…
Mary: Then I don’t care, you take care of me la…
Me: Err… *quiet*

Case Two: Grandma Stories

Me: Hello?
Ms A: Hello Adino, I have a problem…
Me: OK, do this and this and this, then do that. Try now?
Ms A: Oh yeah, can already. Thank you for you help.
Me: OK, good bye…
Ms A: By the way ah… I really don’t like this other system la. So hard to use, not flexible…

*2 minutes later*

Me: Aha, aha, yes…

*2 minutes later*

Me: Mm… mmm… yeah I agree… *surfing blogs*

*2 minutes later*

Me: OK, Ms A, why don’t you raise your concerns to my manager? Ok? Thanks, bye!

Case 3: Know-it-all Jack

Me: Hello?
Jack: Hello, your system have problem.
Me: Have you tried doing this and this and that?
Jack: Yes I have, I even tried that and that and this…
Me: Hmm… strange…

*at this point the user sounds quite tech-savvy so I use more technical terms*

Me: So have you checked that the client utility is installed properly? When you installed, did you have administrator privileges?
Jack: Err… ya ya. I already did that. Your system not working la
Me: Strange… Are you sure? No one else is having this problem. Can you give me your IP address?
Jack: I forgot, where do you do that
Me: Start button, Run. Then type ‘Cmd’. Then use the ipconfig utility.
Jack: Where’s the Start button?
Me: …

1 thought on “WTF Phone Calls”

  1. You must be in a call centre’s tech support? Duh.

    Adino: Not actually… but part of my job requires me to support users.

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