Would You Share Them?

question by Svilen Milev

Last weekend I found some of my old primary school photographs at my parent’s home.

It was nice to see the photos of my old school Sekolah Sri Petaling in PJ, and see some of my classmates. I see my Standard 3 photo and I’m surprised that I can remember a lot of names.

Do you think it would be polite to post those photos in Facebook? Or should I get permission first?

Problem is, I’m out of touch with most of them already.

Reason I ask is, some people don’t like their old photos to be posted online, or they don’t want to be tagged in Facebook.

You know what I mean? You tag them in a photo and the un-friend you on Facebook and block you.

So now I’m not sure if I should or not… or maybe I can just post the photos and blur out the faces.

Photo By: Svilen Milev

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