Wonderful Showers with Kinder Soaps

In the past few days, I’ve been having the most luxurious showers. In fact I’ve been looking forward to showers since I’ve purchased a few bars of home made, all-natural, chemical free soaps from the Kinder Soap Company.

kindersoaps clarity and sampler packs

I first heard of Kinder Soaps a couple of years back, in an interview on BFM. I checked out the online store and was interested, but we’d just bought a whole batch of body soaps and shampoos so it wasn’t a high priority.

Last week I came home to see Poey Chin checking out the Kinder Soaps website and we decided to order some.

My wife chose the DreamTime soap while I chose Clarity. Just reading the description on the label makes me want to jump in the shower haha.

kindersoaps dreamtime

We also decided to order a soap sampler pack where we could choose three different soaps samples to try out.

Total for our order was RM60.

After placing my order last Wednesday evening and paying via PayPal, Michelle (the founder of Kinder Soaps) emailed me to inform me that she delivered the package on Thursday.

To our surprise, the package arrived on Friday morning!

Here’s a picture of the package (with addresses blurred out). When we opened the envelope… the scent and fragrance of the soaps were heavenly.

kindersoaps mail package

When we took out all the soap, out dropped this nice little surprise. A little sampler and a hand-written note! Nice personal touch that will keep us coming back.

kindersoaps spiced coffee and a note

At first it seemed a little extravagant to pay RM20 for a bar of soap.

But we have always been looking for chemical-free soaps at the supermarkets (and even some direct sellling companies) but have not found many choices.

We’ve tried getting some of those off-the-shelf products (that are not cheap!) but they still feel too soapy to me. In fact, one of those products caused eczema on my fingers because I could not wash the soap off.

Plus, these soaps are handmade so they just have a different feel.

kindersoaps dreamtime soap bar

We’re so happy with our purchase.

We love the soaps because of the wonderful scents, and we have the assurance that we are not exposing our skin to chemicals. Since I started using Kinder Soaps to bathe my children, the itching and peeling on my fingers have gone away.

Every shower now feels like a spa experience, and I’m never going back to other soap brands.

As I was taking photos of the soap, Rachel was so attracted by the nice smell, she came over and invaded my ‘set’. I decided to recruit her as a model.

This is the Clarity soap bar. It has eucalyptus essential oils to help clear my frequent colds.

kindersoaps clarity soap bar

Finally, I’m happy that we’re reducing pollution because we’re not adding more chemicals down the drain.

You can check out the products from the Kinder Soaps website.

I think they offer a money back guarantee but I seriously doubt anyone has taken up that offer.



5 thoughts on “Wonderful Showers with Kinder Soaps”

  1. Yup, its absolutely worth every cent 🙂 i look forward to bathe too..thanks darling for purchasing it!

  2. Hey Adino, I am flying over to have a shower in yr home. 🙂

    Adino: Hehe, always welcome, but I think cheaper for the soap to fly to your home than you flying here hehe

  3. Spiced coffee? Now I’m tempted!

    Adino: Haha sometimes I wished there was a way to transmit scents over the internet.

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