Wonderful Birthday

This post is a little late, but the past couple of weeks have been quite hectic at home and at work.

The two elder kids were down with hand foot mouth disease, and they were quarantined away at my parents home because we didn’t want baby Caleb to be exposed to infection.

That meant we had to shuttle back and forth, and a lot of worrying.

Turns out they only had mild symptoms and it was relatively painless.

On the day before my birthday, I fell sick. I was getting wet from all the rain and my body couldn’t take it.

After going to see the doctor, we went for lunch at a vegetarian restaurant and I had a nice steaming bowl of vegetarian bak kut teh to make myself feel better.

vegetarian bkt

On my birthday we had a nice lunch at home. My family came over and there was KFC (yay!), pizza, and my mom made pasta. A very filling lunch. We couldn’t even have dessert.

For dinner, my family offered to babysit. Poey Chin and I went for a date at Empire Gallery in Subang (yes, where the gas explosion happened a couple of days later).

We decided to have Japanese food because it seemed to be something I could eat while sick. We dined at RakuZen.

dinner at rakuzen

The food was not fantastic but delicious anyway. The sushi and sashimi were pretty standard. Maybe I could have ordered the better stuff, but I wasn’t willing to spend too much for a dinner.

We just enjoyed the peace and quiet. We took our time and it was such a luxury not having to manage kids.

We could talk, discuss the food and enjoy each bite. No interruptions asking to go to the bathroom, asking for water, feeding kids, cleaning up messes and etc.

After dinner we strolled around the shopping mall, and ended up looking at baby and kids stuff more than anything else. After picking up some (educational) toys for the children (out of guilt maybe), we visited a music store on the lower ground floor where we browsed CDs.

I just missed visiting music stores with Poey Chin. I’ll be (secretly) looking for Spice Girls or Cecilia Cheung CDs and she’ll be telling me about all these great composers and bands. I love listening to her stories. She’s such an expert.

We heard the new Anuar Zain CD and it sounded so good we’re thinking of buying it.

Before heading home we had some gelato at Gelato Fruity. I chose durian flavoured gelato and Poey Chin had pineapple orange.

gelato fruity

The two flavours complemented each other because when you think you couldn’t have another bite of creamy durian, the pineapple clears your palate for another round.

I hope this store wasn’t too badly damaged by the explosion. Because we had such a good time there.

Turns out having cold gelato didn’t do my health any good, but it was okay because we just enjoyed the time.

I had a wonderful birthday. Thanks to my family for babysitting. That was the best birthday present!

5 thoughts on “Wonderful Birthday”

  1. hey, you can’t be THAT sick if you can eat all that!


    Adino: We managed to eat it cos we could eat slowly hehe

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Yum. The BKT is making me hungry again. Am nursing a cold too!

    Adino: Get well soon! Actually the BKT wasn’t the type I liked, not enough herbal taste for me.

  3. Yep, Japanese food is the comfort food when you are sick, and it does make you better too…hope you had LOTs of warm green tea! 😀
    Happy birthday Adino!

    Adino: Yeah, and wasabi really helps to clear the nose too!

  4. the BKT is in Kelana Jaya a corner vege restaurant rite? i can eat 2-3 bowls of rice with it lerr hahaha 😛 u have to ask for dark black soya sauce to go with it hahaha

    Adino: Not sure can consider in Kelana or not… I think it’s near Taman Mayang. Oh yeah dark soya sauce would be the perfect addition to the dish!

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