Why I (Still) Can’t Afford an Apple iPhone

It’s official, DiGi is finally offering the iPhone (albeit a little too late, most people are waiting for the next iPhone version or the iPad)

If you remember, I actually wrote a post on the 3 year total cost of iPhone ownership.

I was so tempted, because I am a DiGi subscriber, so I crunched the numbers.

iPhone Comparison Chart for DiGi Plans
iPhone Comparison Chart for DiGi Plans

If you compare this Digi iPhone plan vs the Maxis iPhone plan, it would seem that the DiGi plan offers cheaper phones, but will cost more in the long term.

Of course, the DiGi plan gives you more voice minutes, more messages, more bandwidth and no charges for exceeding monthly bandwidth quota.

I don’t know… I’m still very undecided. One day I will almost walk into the store and sign up. Other days I hesitate.

It’s not that I don’t have the money… but four or five thousand would look really comfortable in Rachel’s education savings account, instead of a gadget in my pocket.

5 thoughts on “Why I (Still) Can’t Afford an Apple iPhone”

  1. Cannot agree more,kids always become the main concern, luxury would be optional!

    Adino: Sometimes I wonder if it is worth starting to save for their education now. After all it is still 15 years away! But I know I will regret if I am unable to support their education.

  2. you’re not the only one – i would like one, and my daughter would like one even more, but it’s still a luxury we could do without.

    Adino: It’s one of those things you would get, if the situation was right. Last weekend there was a DiGi iPhone event in 1 Utama. I was standing there for 15 minutes looking down at the event, and arguing with myself if I should get it or not.

    In the end I think back to this blog post I wrote, and managed to resist another time.

  3. If it is a luxury to you, then don’t get it. If it is a need to you, then get it. You will never regret to get one 😉

    Adino: It’s hard to define luxury or need hehe

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