What’s Up?

I’ve got a little bit of time and a little bit of energon left before bedtime so I’ve decided to update the blog.

Life in the Adino household is pretty boring. Boring in the sense that we repeat the same schedule. Monday to Sunday. 7:30 AM to midnight. Same routine. Same chores. Same complains. Same problems.

In a way, being boring is a good thing. It means life is predictable. Safe. Efficient.

It’s always good to have some sort of schedule and routine in our life. I think it’s even good for the kids to know what to expect.

The downside is, things get pretty dull around here.

If you’ve been waiting for things to happen on this blog… well let’s just say the lack of notable activity on the blog is a direct correlation to the lack of notable activity in real life.


In the past few years I’ve always wanted to keep improving. I subscribed to a few “self-help” blogs and read a lot of books on various personal improvement topics.

The result has always been dissatisfaction. There’s this conflict between what I want to do and the very real fact that I’m not living alone. I am now sharing my life with a wife and three padawans.

All this internal conflict between what I should / want to do and what I can actually do caused a lot of frustration.

In the end I chucked it all out the window. Not literally of course.

Unsubscribed to “self-help” blogs that keep telling me how to live. Stopped getting personal improvement books. Stopped waiting for people to tell me how I should live.

Just Waiting

I feel like I’m always just waiting. Waiting and looking forward to something.

As a parent with young kids I find I’m always waiting for the children to reach another stage of development.

Waiting for their teeth to develop. Waiting for their first steps. Waiting for their first words. Waiting for the first day of pre-school.

In our country we’re all waiting for the PM to announce the date of the next general election. Waiting to get it over with so our country can actually start moving forward instead of being stuck in endless campaigning and politics.

In finances, again it’s a lot of waiting. Waiting for investments to bear fruit. Waiting for the next paycheck.

Every day on the way home from work it’s waiting in the car, stuck in the traffic jam that seems to be getting worse each day.


Things at work are going as well as I can possibly hope.

But sometimes I don’t really know if I’m doing a good job. That little bit of doubt creeps in sometimes.

I’ve spent the past month rushing and trying to re-code an entire e-commerce site. I’m pretty happy with my work because I’ve cut down page request sizes just by converting everything to use divs and css for the layout.

It’s really hectic but I enjoy it a lot even though I should not be spending so much time doing programming work.

I’m bored with the food around my office. Like I really can’t taste anything anymore because it’s all the same. Only the price increased.

Next Week

Next week I’ll be celebrating my 33rd birthday. What!? 33 years old I can’t believe it.

The first thing that comes to my mind is Patrick Ewing, then Scottie Pippen haha.

I had a very nice time last week when my friends Donny and Leon plotted with my wife to surprise me for a birthday treat.

Thanks everyone!

We had a nice time catching up and we got to watch the Dinosaur Project.

At the start of the show I joked that it could be the sequel to the Blair Witch Project. Little did I know it was filmed in the same style.

Anyway I’ll sign off now. Hope there is still someone reading this.



4 thoughts on “What’s Up?”

  1. Yes darling..still got me reading your post 🙂
    For now our daily lives are quite routine, but i think this is just a part of our journey to grow as a family. When the kids are older, we can do more adventure stuff with them. In the meantime, just enjoy them. See Caleb..already one year old. Soon la darling..we can start to have more fun k:) Love you, you have been a great dad and hubby!

    Adino: I hope so!

  2. Just read! I don’t know what has Patrick Ewing got to do with 33 but I think I know about Scottie Pippen!
    Happy early Birthday to you, young man. 🙂

    Adino: Haha I still remember the “young man” 🙂

    Both of them wear the same jersey number 33.

  3. I just found your blog. Parenting is a tiring journey, but it is rewarding too in many ways. I checked out your post, and from them, I know that you are a good daddy. Stay positive dude, and an early happy birthday to you 🙂

    Adino: Hi Andrew, thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comments!

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