What Angry Birds Taught Me About Parenting

angry birds

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I’ve spent too much time on Angry Birds. I play that silly game everywhere. I don’t even notice time passing, which makes it a great game to play when I’m on the exercise bike.

If you’re not familiar with the game, you have to shoot these birds from a giant slingshot. Your objective is to destroy all the enemy pigs before you run out of birds. If you get a great score for the level, you get a three-star rating.

angry birds

There are some lessons I can learn and apply to parenting.

Allow me to present my Angry Birds Parenting Philosophy.

1. Each Child Is Different

Each of the five types of angry birds have their own unique appearance in terms of size, shape and colour. They all behave differently.

In the same way, each child has a unique personality. What works on one child may not work on another.

How we relate to them, encourage them, discipline them, and entertain them all depends on their character traits.

Each angry bird will have their own special skills, strengths and weaknesses. For example, blue bird can break glass but is useless against wood and stone. Black bird is strong against stone but can’t be used on glass.

Our children will have different strengths and weaknesses. We should try to build on their strengths instead of trying to force them out of their weaknesses.

Let them grow up to be their own individuals, not a clone of yourself or a way for you to achieve your dreams indirectly.

2. Aim Right

To complete a level on Angry Birds, you have to make sure each bird is used effectively. You have to aim properly because you have to hit the correct spot at the correct angle to do maximum damage.

Raising kids is the same way. We need to guide them in the right direction. We want them to achieve success in life, and to do that we have to help them achieve their dreams and ambitions.

We have to use the right tools and methods to teach them, and it all must depend on the situation and their age group. Don’t have unrealistic expectations.

3. No Second Chances

When you run out of birds, it’s game over.

For our kids, we may not have any second chance. Time cannot go backwards and we can’t have a retry a level like the game.

If we want to be good parents, we have to start now before it’s too late. I heard that the first five years are critical in forming a child’s behaviour for life.

I’m terrified because the time is so short, it could fly by before I do anything.

So don’t procrastinate, delay or hope things will work out. Take action now before it’s too late.

angry birds stars

4. Strive for Excellence

Part of the challenge in Angry Birds is getting three stars for all levels. This takes perseverance, some skill, some luck and lots of time.

You could finish the game getting one star for every level, but then you may struggle in the later levels because you’ve never really taken the time hone your skills in the basic levels.

As parents, we should strive for excellence. I don’t mean expecting our kids to be straight-A students or star athletes.

I mean we need to have their best interest at heart, and we should want the best for them.

Even if it means a lot of effort and hard work on our part.

Our kids may not be co-operative, be appreciate or even be happy with our efforts, which brings us to the next point.

5. Patience

Parenting needs a lot of patience. We need to spend hours and maybe repeat a lesson countless times before our kids can pickup the skills.

Sometimes it takes me half an hour and I can replay a level a hundred times before getting an excellent score.

It also takes patience when things are not working. We need to control our emotions and stop to think, evaluate and experiment.

6. We Need Help

Sometimes we just need help. No matter how much we try we can’t seem to get things to work. When I’ve tried for a long time and I still can’t get it right, I turn to YouTube to see how others have defeated a level.

In parenting, we can’t do it alone. We need mentors to advise us. We need help for relatives.

This is why I’ve joined the Father’s Club in my church this year. I hope to learn more knowledge, find mentors and have better accountability there.

Finding assistance will help us in our areas of weakness. Why not use someone else’s strengths instead of trying so hard with our weaknesses?

7. A Sense of Humour

Finally, we all need a sense of humour. Life shouldn’t be so serious all the time. We need to take time to play and laugh together.

Let our children behave like kids, and don’t treat every mistake like a major disaster.

Take things easy, cool down and look at the positive side of the situation.


I’m still a novice parent, and I’m not perfect. I hope I myself can practice some of these parenting lessons I learned from Angry Birds.

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3 thoughts on “What Angry Birds Taught Me About Parenting”

  1. Adino, you’ve a wonderful sense of analytical skill. Admiring you with the learning points which you extracted from a game! Definitely, you gonna be a great father and the knowledge you gonna gain from Father’s club will equip you with biblical principle. This provide you double portion in fatherhood. You’re awesome. A personnal comment, hope you can take it. My personal view, you’re not very vocal and not really expressive when communicating with you face to face, BUT when you write, you’re super creative, analytical and expressive with words. Keep it up and build on your God given talent. God bless.

    Adino: Thanks YK. Not really sure how great a father I can be. Yeah actually I communicate better when I write because I have more time to think, and I can do many rounds of editing hehe.

  2. Is this the game from iPhone? I played it a couple of times before, but you really give a new twist to it! 🙂

    Adino: It’s on iPhone and Android too

  3. This game pissed me off at one time.. So hard to win!!


    Adino: Yeah, I agree it needs patience to keep trying over and over again.

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