We’re Having a Son!

Boys toys by Marcel Hol

It’s official, we’re having a son! His name will be Caleb Chang.

From the ultrasound today, he is probably going to look the same as Daryl boy. Same round shape, small eyes, button nose.

Most important of all, doctor said everything is fine. His bones are okay, his internal organs are okay and his heart is pumping fine.

He was so active during the scan. He touched his toes, he turned a few times, and was hugging the umbilical cord.

Two Sons

It’s going to be slightly convenient having two sons so close together since they can share so many things.

If they’re willing to share.

I only hope the two brothers have compatible personalities, otherwise they’re going to be constantly fighting for things.

I am also praying for this baby to be as easy as Daryl. Please, please, please don’t have Rachel’s impatience.

It feels very strange to be having another baby so soon. To me, it’s like one long process that seems to be going on and on.

It’s so difficult to manage with a toddler and a baby, and I don’t know what I would do without the help of my parents, mother-in-law and my aunty. Now we’re going to add another baby to the mix.

My mind is running in so many different directions. It’s going to take some time for me to organize my thoughts and I will share them with you soon.


Photo By: Marcel Hol

4 thoughts on “We’re Having a Son!”

  1. Congrats on another healthy, beautiful baby boy! Can’t wait to see baby Caleb making an appearance on the blog. 😀

    Adino: Thanks, can’t wait too!

  2. Wonderful. Wonderful. Congratulations. It is best Poey Chin not follow yr vegetarian diet. 🙂

    Adino: Yeah I know, not for these few months anyway

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