We’re Going to the Dream Centre Today!

We just came back from the last day of the morning prayer at DUMC Sea Park. It was a great time of worship and celebration, and anticipation for our move to the new building.

Yesterday I got involved in the children’s church worship team for the first time. I played the bass along with my wife Poey Chin on the keyboard. I was quite nervous, but it was a great time of fun songs and worship.

By the way, Poey Chin goes by the name of Nichole in DUMC… so please don’t think that I’ve got two women or something.

The kids really have a heart for God and are not afraid to worship by bowing on their knees and lifting their hands. They sang wholeheartedly and ministered to me tremendously with their simple and innocent worship.

After this we will be going for breakfast, and will try to be at the DUMC Dream Centre by 9.15 to get a seat in the auditorium. Some BN and opposition politicians will be there as well. I look forward to shaking some of the DAP member’s hands if I meet them.

Everyone is excited, and we can sense that something great is going to happen. Personally, I am availing myself to be a servant for God’s kingdom. I’m asking God to open my eyes to see what I can do.

I can’t wait to go to the DUMC Dream Centre – Where Dreams Come Alive, and where broken dreams are revived, and where people’s destinies are fulfilled.

6 thoughts on “We’re Going to the Dream Centre Today!”

  1. what is DUMC. which part is it in seapark? is it the one near kfc?

    Adino: DUMC is my church… stands for Damansara Utama Methodist Church. The church has moved from Sea Park (near KFC) to Section 13.

  2. Where will be the dream center?

    Adino: It’s in Section 13 PJ, right behind Jaya 33. If you wanna visit then contact me la… I bring you 🙂

  3. Opps. I have only been to DUMC sea park a couple of times, bringing my kid for some of your … celebration?

    Adino: Yeah… its a celebration. Did you bring your kid for the children’s party?

  4. hi adino,

    you played very well in children’s church that day. hope to see you more often then.

    thanks for your help.

    -does sound system

    Adino: Oh oh oh I remember you!! Hi, and welcome to my blog!!! Thanks for your compliment, but everyone else was playing well too, plus it was a great time of worship when the kids all went on their knees… really ministered to me too.

  5. Please advice me on how to get to the Dream centre from Putrajaya Central bus terminal.

    Adino: Sorry I’m not familiar with public transport. Suggest you check out the public transport portal http://www.myrapid.com.my/

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