Weekend Reading: 5 Fascinating Lists

I love spending my weekends just resting, and catching up on my reading.

Today I’d like to share with you some interesting lists I recently found while doing an assignment.

1. Live It With Less: 7 Reasons Why I Suck at Eating Less

I admit that I’m overweight.I tell myself that I want to eat less, but I always fail. I like this list because I can identify with Greg. These 7 reasons apply to me too! Reading the seven reasons helps me realize where I’ve fallen short, and identify areas to improve.

2. Healthy Houston Kids: 7 Tips to Protect Your Child from Medical Errors

One of my worst fears is baby Rachel falling sick and being admitted to a hospital. Some of those fears come from hearing rumours and scare-stories from friends. This list gives us 7 important reminders if we ever face such situations.

3. Beyond the Artist’s Way: 10 Steps to Establishing a Routine

It’s almost time to set our New Year’s resolutions again. These ten steps will show you how to form a new habit or routine in your life.

4. HiLife2B: 20 Steps You Can Take Today to Be a Success

I like this list because it gives me ideas on how to find areas of improvement in my life, to become a better person.

5. The Kirba View : How to Save a Little Money When Costs Keep Rising

The problems of inflation and rising costs of living seem to common to every country, even Ethiopia. The context of this list is in Ethiopia, the advice can be applied in any country. Reminds me that I have written a similar post before on How to Live Within Your Means.

Have fun reading!

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