Wedding Morning Part 1

At 7:30am Donny came into my room to wake me up, and let me know that it was time to get ready. I opened my eyes since I couldnt really sleep. I went to wash up, and then went downstairs to have breakfast. I didn’t really have an appetite so I just ate a bit of noodles and then started to get busy with last minute preparations. The wedding car had already arrived and I went out to show Donny and Lionel how to put the teddy bears on the cars.

At 8:30am I went up to get dressed. After I was dressed, I went down and got ready to go fetch my bride. Before we left we took some photos and said a prayer for the day.

The entire morning I was feeling very nervous. Most of the stress had to do with what I feared the zhi muis were going to ask us to do. My hands were cold, my stomach was feeling heavy and I was anxious to meet Poey Chin. Donny noticed and calmed me down. I was also worried about all the plans we had for the day. Believe it or not, we had a schedule for the entire day down to the last minute.

We arrived at Poey Chin’s home 10 minutes late. There was a traffic jam at the LDP highway because a lorry broke down near Kelana Seafood. Guess how many heng tais I had? Three! I know, usually there should be much more.

At her door, we were punished for being late. We had to rearrange all the shoes outside the house. Then, we were treated to a lot of nasty modified food before we were allowed to enter. There was a super concentrated cup of coffee, modified kuih, modified muffins, and apple cider.My heng tais heroically took most of the food. Thankfully there wasn’t much else after that. My mother-in-law loved me so much she treated me to a special bowl of bird’s nest drink at the end. After giving ang pou to her zhi muis we were allowed to enter the house.

The final stage was trying to get into Poey Chin’s room. They made me write a love poem and sing it to her. I attempted to sing, but I don’t think any music came out of my mouth. Anyway, it was a great relief when they finally opened the door and let me in.

My wife was sitting on a chair with the biggest smile on her face. The smell of her perfume filled my nose as I stepped into the room. Her veil was gently caressed by the breeze from the fan, and she looked gorgeous in her wedding gown.

When we made eye contact, her eyes asked me “Are you ok?”.

My eyes replied “Yes”.

Her eyes asked, “What took you so long?”.

“Traffic jam la,” my left eye answered. “Lorry broke down.”. My right eye couldn’t say anything because sweat was going into the eye.

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