Wedding Invitations Are Out

Our wedding invitations are ready, and some have already been distributed to our friends, family and colleagues. If you have not received your wedding invitation yet, don’t worry. I won’t forget anyone. It’s probably in the process of being passed to you. If you didn’t receive an invitation by the end of May, hmm… this is a bit ackward. I can only apologize because I only have limited seats to play around with, so I can’t invite everyone.

If you have found this website through the wedding invitation, welcome to my blog! Extra points to you for actually trying to access my domain. I have my reasons for keeping this blog semi-secret, so I generally don’t announce that I have a blog.

Anyway I hope you will stay around, subscribe to my feed, and contribute your comments.

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6 thoughts on “Wedding Invitations Are Out”

  1. BengBeng, waa… if you are willing to hire a chartered plane to come over then no need to gate crash, I will prepare a seat for you 🙂

    Sure I will add a link to your other blog. I’ll do that the next time I perform blog maintenance.

  2. Thanks Angie! I don’t think you will be able to come since you live halfway across the world from me 🙂 Don’t worry there will be photos on this website real soon.

    BengBeng: Added the link, as well as a free SEO keyword loaded post 🙂

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