Wedding Anniversary Lunch at Chicago’s One Utama

A couple weeks ago, Poey Chin and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary at Chicago’s One Utama.

We were there for lunch on a weekday, and chose a booth near this sign. The place was empty because we were early.

chicagos 1 utama 1

They had a set lunch promotion, and comes with free bottomless drinks and soup of the day.

On that day, they served vegetable soup with beef cubes.

chicagos 1 utama 2

We tried two dishes. First up was a pork burger served with (lots of) fries.

It was really good. I remember the pork patty being juicy and succulent. The serving size was quite satisfying.

chicagos 1 utama 3 - pork burger

The second dish we ordered was their famous pork ribs, served with a whisky sauce. They set the whole thing on fire right there at the table to burn off the alcohol!

I didn’t really like the whisky flavour, but the ribs were okay. The portion was a little small for me though. Maybe I was comparing to beef ribs haha. It comes with a basket of fries and some coleslaw.

chicagos 1 utama 4 - pork ribs

We enjoyed the meal very much. I think it’s nice any time we can just have a meal without the kids. Plus the food was quite different compared to our usual.

The total price was less than RM80 after tax.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary Lunch at Chicago’s One Utama”

  1. Congrats on your 5th wedding anniversary.

    I like pork ribs but it’s so messy to eat.

    Adino: They were quite small so it was still ok. Feels a bit like eating bak kut teh haha.

  2. Yummy..cant wait to try the Dave’s 🙂

    Adino: Yeah, let’s go next month.

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