We Need A King Sized Bed


Before we got married, some helpful friends advised us to get a king sized bed for our master bedroom.

I don’t know if I was too naive or romantic, thinking only in the short term. I declined, saying that a queen sized bed was big enough for the two of us. If we had kids, we would all cuddle together as a family.

I was so wrong.

Nowadays Poey Chin and I hardly spend a whole night together on the bed.

Rachel has her own mattress beside our bed, but often she will want to sleep between Poey Chin and me. I guess she feels secure there.

The problem is, she will sleep sideways and will be kicking either me or Poey Chin.

Putting her down on her mattress will not work sometimes, because she wakes up crying and climbs up to the bed by herself.

So, end up one of us will have to go sleep on Rachel’s mattress.

And now we have another baby on the way, I have no idea what to do.

So here’s an advice for you new couples: get a king sized bed.

It may seem like a lot of space now, but you will need all the real estate you can get when you have kids.

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3 thoughts on “We Need A King Sized Bed”

  1. Esther also like to sleep on our bed sometimes. I had to sleep on her single mattress instead as she really needs big space to turn and turn and turn. At the end, king size bed will not be enough also! I really admire some parents let their kids own their own room since babies.

    Adino: Same situation as us haha. Rachel likes to turn and turn. Sometimes she likes to hijack our pillow or bolster too!

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