Water Supply Disruption

Ocean Wave by Roger Kirby

I’m sure most of you are aware that there’s going to be water supply disruption in various areas around Kuala Lumpur in the next few days.

Last night I was rushing to fill all our pails with water, and Poey Chin made sure all our bottles were filled with drinking water.

Everyone was so stressed with the thought of not having water coming out of our taps.

And it has got me thinking: what if water supply disruption was permanent?

You know, this situation is not as far-fetched as you might think. We are just a dry season away from water rationing.

All over the world, clean usable water is becoming scarce due to population increase and increased pollution.

If you think you can help save water by taking short showers and not washing your car, think again.

The vast majority of water on earth is used for irrigating crops. Some of this water is from non-renewable sources, taken from deep wells dug in the ground. Once they are gone, the water cannot be replenished by rainfall.

And the majority of these crops are not even meant for human consumption. Crops such as corn and wheat are grown to feed livestock animals or used for bio-fuel.

I think we should not take for granted that there will always be water coming out of our taps. One day, that supply is going to run out (or become very expensive).

In this article, Lester Brown talks tense situations between nations over water.

When I read about such things, I feel worried for the world my children will grow up in. Will they have to keep pails around the house to wait for a water supply that comes once a week?

I save water whenever I can, but I always feel it’s not enough.


Photo By: Roger Kirby


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  1. in the future they wont be using pails to takung water, they’ll be filtering their own urine ala waterworld.

    happy anniversary btw!

    Adino: Eww so yucky haha

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