Up Beat – I Could Spend Hours On This

I discovered this cute flash game just now. Reminds me of O2 Jam.

You can play this flash game for free. Just click play.

While you’re waiting for the game to load, I wanna share that I’ve become interested in Beatles songs. I finished reading Shout!, a biography about the band. Then I went on Amazon to check out the previews for their albums. Who knew that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and even Ringo Starr wrote so many catchy songs?

I wanted to buy some of their MP3s but sadly it’s not available outside of the US. Wonder if anyone has a Beatles CD they want to get rid of?

2 thoughts on “Up Beat – I Could Spend Hours On This”

  1. is there not a copy of #1 hits, sgt pepper’s or yellow submarine in the music stores???

    Adino: I suppose there is, but I’m not really keen to get the whole album since I don’t like all the songs. That’s why I was looking to purchase individual tracks from Amazon MP3 store.

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