Uncle Adino

It’s starting to sink in now. I’m getting older, and a new phase of my life is going to begin.

One year ago I was looking forward to getting married. Now I’m looking forward to something new. Something unknown.

Becoming a parent is probably the most significant thing that I will ever do. How do handle this enormous responsibility? For starters, I feel that I need to go and study the book of Proverbs over and over again.

I have started to observe how other parents handle their children. There are a lot of things that I think are wrong, but will I be able to do any better? I tell myself that I must do this and do that, but will I remember after I become overwhelmed?

My baby girl is 32 weeks old now. 8 more weeks to go.

Her face is at the top right part of the picture. You can see her eye brows, nose and cheek. Doctor said that she was using her placenta as a pillow.

We can’t wait to meet her.

15 thoughts on “Uncle Adino”

  1. Aaaah, babies… the most common yet everlasting miracle of all.

    Sound like she’s going to be a lady. My sister’s gynecologist said that her baby is using his placenta as a punching bag. 😀

    Adino: That’s got to be very painful!

  2. That’s great, Adino. The next chapter of your life is about to begin in 8 weeks.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with us 🙂

    Adino: Thank you for reading and being interested

  3. Please don’t learn those “mistakes” that other parents make. Your daughter is depending on you… 🙂

    Adino: Oh dear, the pressure is mounting!

  4. We all can’t wait to meet her too. Psst… thanks for letting me know where to look on that ultrasound…I have never gotten the hang of it.

    Adino: Actually I’m not very sure either

  5. wa!!
    yay!!! finally can see the little rachel…
    eih..ur title should put papa adino la~~~
    why uncle?? rachel not gonna call u uncle also~~

    Adino: Uncle means I’m getting old hehe. Rachel won’t call me uncle but other kids will. All this while I’ve been getting away with ko ko Adino.

  6. Don’t worry
    You will do the right thing, when you have to cross the bridge ^-^

    Adino: I’m doing all I can to prepare, like reading books and taking pre-natal classes. But there are just some things they don’t teach you I guess. That’s why I will have to depend on those more experienced parents (like you all) for advice.

  7. Spend as much time doing things together with your wife before baby comes around. Take her for facials, meals, etc. Once baby comes, you won’t have the luxury of such intimate times…

    Adino: My wife agrees with you hehe.

  8. Wow! I’m sure you will be one great parent. Aw…is such a sight to be able to see your daughter (in the scan). I wish to get marry and have my own babies too. =)

    Adino: Your time will come

  9. eh..not good meh sugar daddy?
    rachel will stick to u ma~~
    nvm i will still call u adino ko ko..
    dowan to make u sound so old calling uncle…

    Adino: Yeah, call ko ko is fine.

  10. I’m glad you’re sharing each next phase of life with your blog readers. 🙂

    *waves at ultrasound picture* “Hello there, little lady! I can’t wait to meet you in 8 weeks time…”

    p.s. Are you going to start a blog for Rachel? Hehe.

    Adino: I considered that, but I don’t think I have the time to update yet another blog. Nowadays I hardly even have time to update this one

  11. I think when my hubby getting younger while spending time with Esther as he has to act foolish to make her laugh. Therefore, don’t worry to get older, in fact, u will get younger!!

    Adino: Hahaha ok I hope so!

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