Dear Poey Chin,

Two years ago we started our lifelong journey.

In a state of bliss and happiness we launched into an exciting and unfamiliar world supported by friends and family.

So many things seemed possible, everything was new.

Sometimes it was just the two of us against the world.

Sometimes it was two of us against each other.

But it was mostly the two of us as one.

And then two became three.

Life became twenty two times more complicated. Our bundle of joy came packaged with her share of frustration, worry, heart ache and hard work.

But she’s worth it, isn’t she?

In the past two years you have been there to meet all of my needs.

You never fail to encourage me. Thank you for supporting me.

And tomorrow, two will become three once again, as we begin our third year of marriage. How will this third year of marriage end? Will three become four? *wink*

I love you darling, please don’t stop loving me even if I don’t deserve it.


Lou Kong

(the one who didn’t buy a card and wrote a blog post instead)

P/S: To my dear readers, tomorrow we will be spending our anniversary by going on a date! I hope we will enjoy ourselves better compared to the last time!

8 thoughts on “Two…”

  1. Oh darling, what a surprise post..hehehe what no flower no card?? Mmmm….ok la since tomorrow u took leave to spend time with me..Hope we will have a enjoyable time.Love u!!

    Adino: We will have an enjoyable time!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Adino and Poey Chin!

    May you have many, many more happy moments to come!

    Adino: Thanks Rinnah!

  3. Adino, never know you are such a loving and creative husband le… Your wife sure “LAM” you la..

    What’s your horoscope?

    Adino: Not creative and not so loving la hehe…

    My horrorscope is Libra

  4. Happy anniversary. u wrote->And tomorrow, two will become three once again, ->… my first impression was a baby was due the next day ..until i realized u meant the third year 🙂

    Adino: Haha sorry for the confusion

  5. Happy Anniversary you two/three! Haha!

    You have been such a tremendous blessing thru the years and I pray that God will continue to bless you more and more abundantly each passing year! God bless loads loads loads!

    Adino: Thanks. Btw don’t stay single for too long. You’re the most eligible Christian bachelor I know!

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