Turning 32

201109 birthday card from rachel

It will be my 32nd birthday tomorrow. Rachel and Poey Chin made me a beautiful card.

This is the cover of the card.

201109 birthday 2

We don’t have anything special planned, maybe I will get to go out with Poey Chin for the evening.

I look back at last year’s birthday blog post and I still want the same things haha.

Maybe this year we can skip the KFC and go for vegetarian Indian food.

I was just reflecting back on my life. So many events have happened to me. Childhood and my teenage years still feel like yesterday.

Sigh, the years are catching up. Before I know it I’ll be 40.

Amateur light painting attempt, to commemorate my 32nd year.

201109 birthday 3

This year I want to start something different. I will try to capture a snapshot of my life and write letters to my future self, so I can look back from the future.

Here goes.

Dear Future Adino,

We just had our third child Caleb, and it seems our family is now complete. The foundation has been laid. Now it’s time to build up.

Things are still a bit chaotic, but the elements are coming together and a routine is being established again.

I’m so thankful for all that I have, even though there’s so much more I don’t have.

Thats ok because I have what money can’t buy. Love and a supportive family.

The things I don’t have, they are mostly material things. Sometimes I wonder, just if, what if…

I could be driving a better car, living in a nicer house. I could have that cool computer or TV. We could be taking overseas vacations. We could afford to eat at those restaurants.

But I would gladly trade all of those things for the three kids I have now.

I am still an imperfect father. But they are lovely and they love me. Each one of them are so special.

This is just the beginning of a long road ahead. I wonder how things will turn out.

In terms of my career, I can’t say much here, but I’m so, so tired.

Finally, just because I’m┬ámischievous, here’s a message only my future self would understand.

Pzt’a rdc bov pwnf hysbjs knj ri zqwemn pioh. Gchatljt ur kisbt’r jfbw kijlkiba lr rdc! Apcc jngu azaqsn kmnnzeb H rdc ju ghfbg ri dg xhforkg. Hm & hjn pqzzsj, L nbmfrq sedkla $0.99!

-Adino, 2011-

8 thoughts on “Turning 32”

  1. Soon you’ll be turning 40… I’ve got 50 in my sight! Haha. Happy Birhtday to you! Lovely message you got there to your future self.

    Adino: Thanks, time does fly past!

  2. Happy birthday adino. You have achieved so much at such a young age, blessed indeed!

    Adino: Yeah I think I’ve been so fortunate. But there’s still a lot more things to do!

  3. all that material things would not make you a better person, nor your family a happier one! can anything be more perfect than a contented man?

    blessed birthday!!

    Adino: Thanks for the reminder doc!

  4. Very nice letter to yourself and thanks for sharing it with us. I’m still trying to crack your secret message code ­čÖé

    Adino: Hehe… I wouldn’t waste too much time on it.

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