Trip to Cameron Highlands

Rachel in Cameron Highlands 2010

Our cell group had our first retreat to Cameron Highlands.

It was really stressful for us, with Rachel being alternating between hyper-active and cranky, and Daryl being cranky most of the time.

In fact, we didn’t manage to visit many places except the Sungei Palas Boh Tea Planatation where I snapped some photos.

However, that’s okay because we couldn’t really go anywhere with two young kids.

It was a cloudy day, and this was the only photo I took of the tea plantation. Sorry the sky is over-exposed. Guess this is a time RAW might have helped.

Cameron Highlands Sungei Palas Boh Tea Plantation

Baby Daryl wondering why we were suddenly going outdoors so often. I think he enjoyed the cool weather but he kept crying because he wasn’t used to the apartment.

Daryl in Cameron Highlands 2010

Trying to get in position for our family photo.

Adino Chang Famiy Photo Cameron Highlands 2010

One… two… snap! I used this photo in my Facebook profile.

Adino Chang Famiy Photo Cameron Highlands 2010

People have asked me why I wear my wedding ring on my index finger. Is there anything wrong with my marriage? Actually my wedding ring is too loose now.

Photo of Rachel and me.

Adino and Rachel Chang in Cameron Highlands 2010

Poey Chin and a sleepy baby Daryl.

Poey Ching and Daryl in Cameron Highlands 2010

Brother and sister sharing a private joke?

Rachel and Daryl Chang in Cameron Highlands 2010

Posing for a baby group photo.

Rachel and Daryl Chang in Cameron Highlands 2010

All the babies in our cell group… baby Isaac, baby Daryl, Rachel and baby Joshua.

Season of Salt CG Babies in Cameron Highlands 2010

After our trip we spent a night in Ipoh before coming home.

It wasn’t too crowded at Camerons, probably a lot of people were preparing to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa so they didn’t travel. If you have meals at off-peak hours then the restaurants are not too packed.

The weather was nice, but I don’t think we’ll go for another holiday until the kids are older.

5 thoughts on “Trip to Cameron Highlands”

  1. Rachel look so angelic. Baby Daryl yawning… haha 🙂

    Nice family shot. Your wedding ring is loose huh? Means you lost a lot of weight liao. Go ‘ubahsuai’ your wedding ring.

    Adino: Looks angelic only haha… I will wait a while before modifying my ring… who knows I gain weight back

  2. ha ha, “older” is a relative term. at this rate, the kids will never get older la!

    travelling within the country on a driving vacation should be manageable. seriously. you get to dump the stroller, packs of nappies/baby clothes, milk bottles & tins of milk into the car! easy-peasy la!

    Adino: Haha yeah older is a relative term…

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