Tip-Tip Kewangan Untuk Rakyat Malaysia

It is always a joy when I find Malaysian personal finance books. I mean, browse the personal finance section in the book store and all you can see are books written by overseas financial gurus.

Nothing wrong about reading books from overseas, but I always find it hard to apply some of the tips they write about in Malaysia.

I came across this new book, Tip-Tip Kewangan Untuk Rakyat Malaysia (Money Tips for Malaysians) because I subscribe to the author KC Lau’s blog.

Mr KC Lau is a veteran in the personal finance business since 2003, and is a leading personal finance blogger in Malaysia.

This book is the Bahasa Malaysia translation of his best selling book Top Money Tips for Malaysians.

Don’t worry, I don’t think you will have any problem reading the Bahasa Malaysia version because it is simple, clear and understandable.

What Is The Book About?

The delivers what it promises on the book title. It is a compilation of 24 personal finance management tips that are 100% applicable to us Malaysians.

The book is divided into four areas:

1. Tip Kewangan Bijak will educate you in the basic areas of personal finance. Discover how the wealthy may not think like you and me, and how they manage their cashflow.

2. Tip Menjana Wang gives you a guide to making more income and how to start investing.

3. Tip Menjimat Wang suggests tips to help you save money in major purchases such as car insurance, unit trusts and mortgages.

4. Tip Melindungi Wang contains tips on protecting our wealth.

Each “tip” is expanded and elaborated in a chapter of its own, so rest assured that each topic is covered in depth.

My Opinions On This Book

First of all, I love how the book is organised. There is a logical flow from changing our financial mindset, to generating more income, to saving more income, and then to protecting our wealth.

I’ve already mentioned how the tips are suited for Malaysian readers. Many (expensive) books we get from overseas authors give us tips we can’t use.

A lot of examples and references are provided to teach us the concepts. When KC Lau suggested we watch videos online instead of subscribing to Astro, he provided 1.5 pages of online video websites!

I think the book is a great value. Some of the money saving tips more than cover the price of the book.

I like how the tips are illustrated with funny comics.

My only wish is there could be even more tips included in the book. If you’re a fast reader like me, you’ll finish the book quickly because you won’t be able to put the book down. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next book to be published!

Why Would I Need This Book?

This book will be great for anyone who is starting to take interest in personal finance. The tips are simple to follow, you won’t need any degree in accounting to understand how to manage your own finance.

If you are like me, then you will love how the tips are applicable to Malaysians. There are tips that talk about EPF, income tax laws, unit trust charges, and insurance in our Malaysian setting.

Finally, this book will make a great gift for someone who is just starting to manage their personal finance.

Where Can I Find the Book?

You can buy the book for RM29.90 at all major bookstores, or you could buy Tip-Tip Kewangan Untuk Rakyat Malaysia online.

Finally, check out (and subscribe to) KC Lau’s website for more financial tips.

3 thoughts on “Tip-Tip Kewangan Untuk Rakyat Malaysia”

  1. Honestly speaking, I think you should become a financial planner. Or are you one already?
    For me, I think the possibility of generating the extra income is difficult, not the saving or protecting part…

    Adino: Haha, thanks. I’m not qualified to be one I think.

    I’m just happy to remain writing about it. Perhaps one day I’ll write my own book hehe

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