Time to Relax

I just want to take this weekend to relax. Cool down. Chill.

I have to, otherwise I will go crazy (think Britney-crazy).

I was browsing through my photos and I saw this shot I took of my teapot and Sushi King tea cups.

On that day I spent the entire afternoon just relaxing, sipping Chinese tea, and reading the Star newspaper.

I had forgotten what a pleasure it was to read newspapers.

I normally try not to buy newspapers. First of all, I think they’re obsolete (I get all my news online). Second of all, the newspapers are owned by political parties anyway, so the articles can be quite biased.

The Star paper actually has some nice articles in their weekend magazine section. It was fun to read the news reports too, to try and spot the spins and to read between the lines.

So, this weekend I’m just going to chill. To relax… to take things as they come.

No stress.

Anything lah. Whatever lah. I keep seeing ads for this Singaporean canned drink in my blog header. I wonder if the drink has come over here to Malaysia?

Have a great weekend everybody!

Don’t waste money going out, stay at home and start planting vegetables!


10 thoughts on “Time to Relax”

  1. Reading the Star is good. Can see which of the hypermarkets are selling diapers and milk powder cheapest! 😉

    When your frugal tips are up, let me know and I will link it up!

    Adino: You got a point there 🙂

    You can check the site next Monday, there should be loads of tips by then!

  2. Planting veggies? Is this about that food price rising thing that I read from SciAm?

    Adino: Nope, planting veggies is an ‘advice’ given by our government to help sustain our lifestyles. It was featured prominently in the newspaper two weeks ago, highlighting benefits and tips on how we can grow vegetables at home.

  3. Your Sushi King cups are sitting on your own table or on Sushi King’s table? 🙂

    Adino: They are on my own table. Sushi King doesn’t serve Chinese tea!

    You get these cups for free when you join as a Sushi King member.

  4. rachel’s so cute and beautiful!
    hope that someday in future i’ll be able to drop by and see her.

    Adino: Don’t worry, you’ll get to meet her!

    Do you know where you will be posted yet? There are a lot of doctors blogging, you could contact them for advice.

  5. LOL
    During the first six months of my son’s arrival, I don’t remember having any relaxing time
    So … enjoy the moment ^-^

    Adino: Don’t scare me… six months?

  6. I didn’t know that Sushi King had membership…

    I guess I will be reviving my money blog too… 🙂

    Adino: You get 10% off, and several times a year they have a RM2 promotion for all items on the kaiten belt!

  7. no i don’t know yet.. but i have to decide where to choose in 2 weeks time, and interview’s in 1 month’s time.. i have no idea where i wanna go.. i just know where i dont wanna go. given choice also hard, not given also hard.. sigh.. and not like we’ll get our choices all the time anyway.

    yup, would love to see her one day. maybe by then she can already walk and talk =)

    Adino: God will guide you to the perfect place.

  8. Choose to stay at home too for me.. save n save !

    Adino: Yeah, once step outside the door, money starts leaking out!

  9. channel ur anger.. i am trying hard to do that too sometimes, but most of the time i failed miserably. easier said than done.

    Adino: Thanks for the advice

    It’s hard but sometimes we have to change the negative to the positive in order to stay sane.

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