This Seems Like a Scam

Yesterday I got a letter from Reader’s Digest, notifying me that I will be getting a contest form with chance to win big money soon. Here’s some excerps from the letter:

“When people receive a Contest invitation from Reader’s Digest, they often decide to throw it away…. Some people, like Mr Tan of Selangor, let their Contest invitation sit around until time runs out… a mistake that cost him an opportunity to win as much as RM200,000. (details changed to preserve his anonymity) [snicker… yeah right!]

While many of your neighbours will look in their letterboxes in vain, you have already been fortunate enough to clear two of the three stages that there are to becoming a winner in our RM700,000 Mega Contest. As an Astro customer, you’ll be having an opportunity to win loads [loads?] of big [I’d like my money in regular sizes please. Big money can’t fit in my wallet], easy money [alarm bells going off].”

Okay, I just want to check with all of you, especially those of you who are Astro (Malaysian satellite TV provider) subscribers:

1) I bet you received the SAME letter right?

2) Do you intend to join?

3) Anyone joined a Reader’s Digest contest before? What did you have to buy in order to qualify?

2 thoughts on “This Seems Like a Scam”

  1. hi, adino, lim here.
    oh really all astro subscriber will have chance to take part??
    but da invitation letter shown only 1% of lucky persons to get invited for this mega contest..
    Furthermore, not purchase is required to take part wat, how sure of u to say this is a scam??

    Adino: Hi Lim!

    First of all, I never said this is a scam. I am asking if this is a scam.

    That’s why I posted three questions to everyone if they also received the same invitation or not.

    Anyway, from previous experience with Reader’s Digest… they do send a lot of these invitation contest forms. Purchases are usually required to win bigger prizes.

    At the very least you have to start subscribing to their magazine.

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