Things to Do In December

It is the first day of December today. How quickly we arrive at the last month of the year.

Some of us busy settling the affairs of the year. Some of us are rushing to complete things that have to be delivered in this year. Some are already planning for 2011.

December always gives me a special feeling.

Not as special as February because that’s when we have the Chinese New Year festive mood, and that’s when we get our annual bonus.

But December always feels like a time of resting, of taking a step back to reflect on the year.

I have started to think back, and I will be writing about my thoughts soon.

But today I just want to remind myself (and all of you) that you have one month left to settle your financial affairs for the year.

It’s time to make use of those tax relief items such as books, SSPN savings, etc.

It’s time to plan your Christmas shopping budget.

It’s time to set a financial budget and update your budget spreadsheets for next year.

It’s time to plan goals for 2011.

It’s that time again to come out with new year’s resolutions.

I just love planning for things. I could sit down for hours just planning and playing with spreadsheets.

There’s so much to do and yet we shouldn’t forget to celebrate our achievements for 2010.

We need to stop and look at what we have, appreciating our blessings.

There’s so much to do in December.

1 thought on “Things to Do In December”

  1. December is the month of clearing leave for me. Going somewhere with family. Looking forward to annual bonus. Reflecting on life and move on with it. Time really flies

    Adino: Yeah, the year really went by quickly. No time to stop for a breather for me.

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