The Weekend Is Over

In the blink of an eye, the weekend is over. It’s Monday, and the whole cycle begins again.

Before I went to sleep last night, I felt a deep sense of regret. It seems like I have accomplished nothing.

Throughout the night, I felt restless. Even my dreams were uneasy. I kept dreaming that I had work to do, tasks to finish.

And this morning as I was woken up, I felt really unsatisfied because I couldn’t finish the work I had been dreaming about.

Last Friday evening was full of hope, full of possibilities.

Saturday morning was filled with exciting freedom.

Sunday was moody and heartbreaking. And last night was totally depressing.

Poey Chin cooked me a bowl of prawn-mee flavoured instant noodles trying to cheer me up, and it helped.

But as I went to sleep I felt that I could have spent my time better.

Sometimes I wonder if I would feel the same before I die.

Would my life be totally wasted? Would I die feeling unsatisfied, feeling like I wasted all my time?

Even if I accomplish many things, will it matter after I’m gone?

In the end, it’s all nothing. Nothing lasts forever, not even happiness.

Work is meaningless. Wealth is meaningless. Life is meaningless.

5 thoughts on “The Weekend Is Over”

  1. ha ha! i’m so happy to know there’s someone like me out there!!

    once every few weekends, i’d feel that i’ve just wasted it away. like last weekend, i had wanted to change the batteries of the smoke alarm, file all my bank statements of the last 4-5 months, put up the mirrors bought from ikea last year & spring-clean the spare room.

    in the end, all i did was attend church, watch repeats of american idol, CSI vegas, miami& NY, & had an argument with the wife.

    somehow, i don’t feel the “meaninglessness” of it, maybe because i’m immuned to it!!

    Adino: Probably I was just having a bad case of Monday blues!

  2. Bro life is never wasted… you work the whole week already not like you don’t get things done lah… if you spent the weekend resting i find that is better our bodies were not meant to work 7 days a week at ‘high’. we’ll burn out…

    Don’t feel guilty for a little rest… but not being idle… LOL knowing you idle won’t come… just a little phlegmetic….

    Adino: Yup agree. It’s not that I want to achieve lots of things, but it’s just that I wanted some moments in the weekend where I could do things I that made me happy, or just wanting to have moments of peace.

  3. i just discovered your blog and enjoy reading it. cheer up, lots of us feel this way, im just at your 2nd post reading top down so i dont know you have kids or not. the key is to have children…then you won’t feel so down and achieved nothing. all u gotta do is look at yr kid and voila look what you achieved!

    as for weekends doing nothing, learn not to procrastinate. i love watching series but i limit myself to one and then force myself to do something before rewarding with another episode.

    good blog by the way!

    Adino: Thanks Hooi, I’m happy that you enjoy reading. Have fun exploring all my 3 years worth of posts hehe.

    I’m sure you’ve discovered that I have kids by now… and I think they bring their joys and problems too!

  4. yes and you have adorable kids! didnt figure out why you didnt name darren as anakin though. good luck with yr new project! nothing beats having something to look fwd to after work

    Adino: Anakin is a nice name… maybe if we have another son.

  5. yeah i know what you mean… i get that all the time too… by the time you want to do the things you like you are too tired out and that is so frustrating… iwonder if it’ll be like that when baby comes out…

    Adino: It’s gonna be worse, but I guess your priorities will change too.

    Have you guys signed up for pre-natal classes yet?

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