The Second Month of Marriage

Today is the second month anniversary of my marriage to a wonderful, sweet, lovely, beautiful, great-cook, talented and patient woman.

Happy 2nd month anniversary darling.

As I was thinking about my marriage on the way to work, I discovered that the second month was completely different from the first month.

The first month was a month of:

1. Discovery. Discovering each other’s habits and traditions was surprising, delighting and frustrating at times.
2. Changes. We both had to adjust to living with each other, which meant a lot of change in our daily routines.
3. Fights. A lot of quarrels over small things. I hit my wife for the first time.
4. New stuff. My bank account balance continued it’s countdown as we purchased essential items like an oven, a book shelf, new cooking utensils.
5. New experiences. Adjusting to a new church is not easy, especially one as huge as DUMC.
6. New responsibilities. Now that I’m not staying with my parents, I have to do a lot of things on my own 🙁

In summary, the first month was very challenging and quite stressful.

In the second month, we both felt more comfortable:

1. We have adjusted to our new daily routines. Meal times and sleeping times more constant (this is important for me!).
2. Less fights as we have resolved most of the small small issues bugging us, like where to put our towels.
3. We went through our first serious moment as a married couple when we thought she was expecting.
4. Growing closer in our spiritual walk together
5. Able to support each other better. This month was full of drama, and we learned to support each other through it.

My wife is very wonderful. I love her very much.

So, for all of you readers who are married. What can I expect in the coming months? Anything to watch out for? Any warnings? Tips?

Photograph by Tanya McConnell

P/S: No, I didn’t buy flowers.

16 thoughts on “The Second Month of Marriage”

  1. Oh dear, i didnt realise is our 2nd month di 🙂 time pass by so quick and everyday i look forward to spend more time with u. I always feel very happy when im around u even when we dun do anything. Yea i guess we have our ups and downs but that is just part of our growing. I love spending the QT together with u, coz as we grow closer to God we grow closer to GOD. Darling, i love u more each day! p/s: where is my flower????

    Adino: Thanks for being so patient with me. Your flower ah? Later I go our condo downstairs pick some for you la.

  2. congrats to pc and adino on yr 2nd month anniversary 🙂
    hugs to poey chin and a hand shake to Adino..huh? not allowed? awww…never mind. happy anniversary anyway

    Adino: 🙂 Thanks. No advice ah?

  3. advice:keep falling in love all over again. ’50 first dates’.Adino, I’m so happy for u (gushing like a girl)
    Poey chin: though i’ve never met u, but talked to u once, i know that there’s never a better match for my friend then u. a marrige made in heaven. God bless.

    Important advice: never buy blue roses, they look like they got dipped in detergent.speaking out of expereince

    Adino: I realized the same thing that’s why I married her hehe. Blue roses? Yucks.

  4. Aww that’s nice. Congrats on … err … surviving your first two months. I can’t wait for mine :p

    Adino: Thanks… I can’t wait to see all your wedding pics 🙂 How’s the preparations?

  5. when i commented earlier i had just read no:3 of first month. I was thinking omg 🙂 . It is only now I realize there is a link and u only technically ‘hit’ her :)My only advise…don’t get in each other’s way and yet b the closest couple.

    Adino: Of course I won’t really hit her la. My heart will be very pain. But surprisingly, the number 1 page that brings visitor to my blog is the one about when I ‘hit’ my wife 🙁

    Conclusion: Wife beaters and child abusers make good blogs?

  6. Give some test 😉 Without their knowledge, it’s fun to see how their respond, then you understand somebody liaw lo…

    Adino: What kind of test? Hehe… maybe I can test if my wife got superpowers or not? Maybe she has jedi powers? Or better yet, is she a Cylon?

  7. Wahhh…Poey Chin so lucky ler..He is so adoring..have patience with each other , accept each other as they are..then you wont be disappointed..Happy 2 months ‘annniversary’..*hugs*

    Adino: Thank you Eve. We are not perfect yet, but at least so far I never have to sleep on the sofa yet.

  8. i got one tip! babies cost a lot a lot of money… 😆 so now you know wat to do with those condoms larr… 😉
    and by the way congratulations manyak manyak ok…wish you a lifetime of happiness like today

    Adino: I know babies cost a lot of money… sigh… everything also costs money. But I think they will bring a lot of joy and happiness so it’s alright.

  9. Advice?
    Be truthful, and communicate.
    Known my wife for … 15 years.
    Never lie to her.
    No small lie, no white lie.
    Just not a single lie.

    Adino: Very wise words. Thanks!

  10. my less than half year married experience still qualified as “advise” gua? :/

    erm, personal space is very, very important for both;
    lil surprises go a longgg way!
    pak lots of toh before the baby comes!!!! (and yes they cost money!!!!….. not like i have any now lah. heh)

    the many seasons of life are only that one time. once its past, its past, the wisest thing for couples to do is to realize this lil point, and enjoy each day madly! (cos we both miss our singlehood now… LOL)

    many happy months to come, adino and poey chin!

    Adino: *nod nod* okay Leishia will listen to your advice.

  11. Whoa~ Just got hitched! I am not married yet, probably in a year or two times. So cannot give u any advice. But u seem to love ur wife so much, I hope my hubby in the future will be like u~ ^.^

    Adino: Don’t worry, there’s a lot of men out there. Choose carefully, otherwise you may end up with someone like me 🙂

  12. Hoo-Yah Bro and Sis!

    All The Best Man! well life’s long roads will be empty if not for the witness you have pledged yourself to. And well enjoy your lives with each other! hehehehe!!!

    Adino: Ok man, thanks. But why you put your name as Heng Tai 3 ah? Put your real name la … 😀

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