The New iPad


What a surprise. I was expecting the new 3rd generation iPad to arrive in Malaysia in May, but Apple pulled a surprise by releasing it a few weeks early.

I promised to get an iPad for Poey Chin so it was time to keep my promise.

By the way I just noticed that my past 3 blog posts have been about buying stuff haha. Don’t get the impression that I’m rich! Just that my company gave us a nice bonus and we have a bit extra to pamper ourselves.

After finding out the news, we made our way over to Harvey Norman at Citta Mall to try our luck.

I was expecting a long queue but surprisingly not many people were there.

After about 10 minutes I walked out of the store as one excited boy man. You know that feeling… that temporary, fleeting pleasure that comes with buying material things. Maybe I’ll feel worse when the credit card bill arrives.


Oh yeah, Harvey Norman advertised that they offer 0% installment plan for credit cards, but didn’t mention they will add on 4% to the iPad price. So I paid the full amount.

 I bought 32GB Wifi version for RM1799.


I didn’t get any accessories like screen protectors and a case, but I think I’ll have to get those. Can’t stand all the fingerprints. And the iPad needs protection with so many kids around the house.

I plugged it into the USB port to charge, and turning it on for the first time was a pleasant surprise. If you turn it upside down it says ‘padi’ hehe.


After all the settings were completed, a brand new iPad ready for work and play.


Here’s a zoomed in version of the previous photo, not sure if you can tell there’s any difference with the Retina display.


First impressions. It was a different experience for me. Initially it felt like a bigger version of a smartphone. I kept trying to hit the ‘Back’ and ‘Menu’ butons like Android devices.

I really like the larger screen space. I can type with all my fingers instead of just with my thumbs.

Apps on the iPad seem to offer more functionality and make better use of screen space.

I’ve never used the previous iPad versions so I can’t compare the display resolution and speed objectively.

The only thing I know is, my Samsung Galaxy S phone display seems to look really old now that I’ve used the new iPad.

I noticed my arms getting tired after holding the iPad for a while. You really need to rest it on something.

I’m also finding it hard to be restricted to sync everything via iTunes, and the iPad can’t play all our rmvb and avi files.

Browsing the App Store is a bit frustrating. The site can be so slow sometimes. And I know there’s a lot more apps but I don’t seem to know where to find them.

This iPad will be used by Poey Chin (and the kids), so I’ve stopped myself from installing a ton of games. So far she’s using it a lot for Facebook.

So now it’s like… okay… what do we do with this now?

Does anyone have any suggestions for nice Apps?


4 thoughts on “The New iPad”

  1. Woot woot!

    Better get the screen protector and also a cover.

    Oh yeah I have the same feeling like you; awkward at first and feel the heaviness but after sometime ok la.

    Adino: Did you buy the stylus pen? Does it help to write Chinese characters? Also wanted to ask if anyone can recommend the brand / type of screen protector and cover.

  2. Nope didn’t buy the stylus pen. I dunno how to write Chinese characters save for a few… banana. Haha

    For the screen protector, we bought it when we got the ipad. The salesperson put it for us so we have no idea the brand. They basically have 2 types. One is reflective and another non-reflective. We went for the non-reflective one.

    The cover, well they have many types. We’ve the magnetic type one and also the basic cover. You can check out Sunway Pyramid “Machine” shop or another shop also selling Apple’s stuff at Digital Mall PJ.

    Adino: Thanks for the tips!

  3. Some of my favourites are Flip for social networking, and Snapseed (by Nik Software) and Luminance for photo editing. Having said that my iPad has not been charged for a month and is lying underneath a pile of notes craving for some love 😉

    Adino: Thanks for the tips!

  4. Does the battery get hot easily? Wondering should I get android or apple?

    Adino: It doesn’t get hot unless you use it for a few hours. I’ve never had other tablets so I can’t comment if it’s hotter or less hot than others. But if you use a casing, then you can’t feel the heat.

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