The Most Difficult Things

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I’ve was thinking about some of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in my short 30 years of life.

I’ve decided to share three of them with you today, in reversed order of difficulty.

#3 Driving a manual car

I had to learn how to drive a manual transmission car after I sold off my automatic transmission car.

The first few weeks driving was pure stress and terror as I had to navigate hills, traffic jams, tolls.

Even crossing the highway to exit on the other side was an exercise in focus and concentration.

I’m happy to say that this has become second nature to me now.

#2 Writing a thesis

Problem one. The topic for my dissertation wasn’t really strong or interesting to begin with. I had to struggle to find a ‘niche’ topic that turned out to be rather difficult to write about.

(If you are curious, the topic was Standardization in M-Commerce Implementations. I wish there were iPhones back then. I’d have much more to write about.)

Problem two. I didn’t have much help from my project supervisor.

As a result, I struggled to complete my thesis. Every page, every paragraph was written with sweat and tears. It felt exactly like writing PPP posts. I was struggling to meet a minimum word count and put in some ‘keywords’.

I managed to finish, but I will never voluntarily attempt to write another thesis again.

#1 Raising Rachel

How do you make another person do what you tell them to do?

That little person has her own will and her own agenda. She has no sense of the dangers around her, and she wants what she wants immediately.

She cannot be reasoned with because she doesn’t understand enough. She cannot be negotiated with because she can’t speak well.

I really hate it when people ignore me when I speak to them. It makes my blood boil and my voice will get louder and louder. And Rachel does that to me every day.

Raising Rachel has been the toughest thing I’ve had to do. And honestly I don’t know if I can succeed.

Of course, some days Rachel will be in an obedient mood. But I can see her stubborn and rebellious character already, and I’m not looking forward to her teenage years.

If it’s hard for me, then it’s ten times harder for Poey Chin.

I really pray and beg to God Almighty that baby Daryl will have a more submissive and compliant character.

Photo by: Usodesita / CC BY 2.0

1 thought on “The Most Difficult Things”

  1. unlike #2 and #3, you obviously can’t run away from raising rachel. it’s a test on your character and mental strength, not to mention faith in God, isn’t it? she’s good for you as much as you are for her – she builds you up and mold you into the parent God meant you to be.

    happy parenting!!

    Adino: Honestly sometimes I get so mad, you will find zero faith or zero Christ-likeness in me. Maybe I’ve underestimated this parenting task. I thought it was like raising a puppy, which is 100X easier!

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