The iMac Is Here

I just came home from One Utama, where I just got my iMac.

A detailed blog post will be up some time next week, but here are some teaser photos for you while I spend time familiarizing myself with OS X.

This blog post was written with my new iMac!

5 thoughts on “The iMac Is Here”

  1. Firefox is much better! Congrats on your new mac! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with it!

    Adino: I am!

  2. You rich le.. Mine is dell only.. hehe..

    You still need time to get used to your Mac Book key la..

    Adino: Yes, it takes quite a lot of time getting used to the different keystrokes. But I’ve found out how to get around


  3. Errrr… why are the pooches on the new iMac box in the first pic?

    Can’t wait for more pictures of the Mac!

    Adino: That’s Uncle Adino and Baby Patrick. They were so excited that they climbed all over the box.

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