The First Step

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Do you ever have dreams of making a living from your passion? I’m sure you do.

Well last night I’ve taken my first step to achieving my dream.

I’ve been feeling depressed lately so I think this little project will give me a nice distraction.

I don’t really want to reveal what my dream is at this moment. Why? First of all I’m a little afraid to announce something and then fail. Second of all, I’m worried people will laugh at my silly dreams.

I know those fears are not rational, but I am not such a bold person.

So what’s the point of reading this blog post, if I’m not going to say anything?

Well, just to allow me to share my excitement with you.

I started having this dream in my heart early this year. I was trying to answer the question: What would get me excited to wake up in the morning? How can I make a living while having fun at the same time?

From there, the dream was born. I shared this dream with Poey Chin and she was quite supportive (as she always is). She even threw in a few ideas.

The next thing I did was to lay out a ten year plan. How I would begin, what I would have to do to make it happen, and how I was going to get there.

The dream was put to rest for a few months while we were busy with Daryl, but I think now is a good time to start.

It’s not going to cost me a lot of money in the beginning, but as time goes on the costs will rise exponentially.

I have to admit it looks really daunting. There’s so many things I don’t know. Worst of all, there are things I will have to do I am not comfortable doing.

In this first step I’m still unsure. My legs are still trembling and I can’t stand steadily. I still need a hand to hold me.

But I’ll take it one step at a time. And I hope I get confidence along the way.

Wish me luck!

Do you have dreams? Have you taken steps to earn a living from your passions or hobbies? Share your experience in the comments!

Note: this is a dream that will take many years and a thousand steps to achieve. So if my bosses are reading, don’t worry ok?

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