The Apple iMac Temptation

I needed to get a new computer to replace my 5 year old Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop.

My needs are simple:

1) Space saving
2) Good quality
3) Should not be obsolete for another 5 years

Okay, maybe my needs weren’t so simple after all.

Requirement 1 means most desktops are out of the picture. My condo is cluttered enough, and both Poey Chin and I agree not to add to the mess.

Requirement 2 is important because I don’t want to buy something cheap but have it break down after using it for one year.

Requirement 3 means I don’t mind paying a bit more right now, to get something that will last for a long long time.

At first I was looking at the various Dell laptops like Izzie, then I seriously thought of getting the Mac Mini, which is a cube shaped computer that can sit in the palm of your hand. It costs just RM2300 for the entry model.

I did a detailed study among the different specs, options and prices, and it came down to three choices. The Dell desktop is the cheapest, but it would violate Requirement 1. Lower range Dell laptops are cheap, but I doubt they meet Requirements 2 and 3. Higher range Dell laptops were my best bet.

And then, I came upon the Apple iMac. Oh yes, the iMac. I think it stands out in a class of its own.

This is the whole computer (without power cable and mouse). Minimal cables and space.

Right now I’m deciding if what I should get. A Dell, or an iMac.

Update: Thanks to Precious for letting me know about the Dell Hybrid, launched yesterday. You can order it from the Dell Malaysia website. A machine with comparable specs to an iMac entry level will cost RM700 less. Sigh… so hard to choose.

A certain percentage of you dear readers are using the Safari web browser, so I think there are a few Mac users amongst you. Can you tell me if I should go ahead with buying the iMac? Every review I read online either worships or hates the Mac.

I am leaning quite heavily toward the iMac. In fact, I will go and purchase it this Sunday from the nearest Mac City.

P/S: Anyone know a way to get discounts for a new iMac 20″ 2.66GHz? Current retail price is RM5300 *ouch*

15 thoughts on “The Apple iMac Temptation”

  1. you’re making me drool too! Stop it!

    Adino: Fuiyoh, you commented so quickly… I just pressed the Publish button!

    If I really get it, I’m going to post lots more photos. Better put on one of baby Ethan’s bibs!


  2. As a mac user I can tell you iMac is a really stable machine, and very cool looking too. But when comes down to it, you have to ask yourself whether it’s really necessary to spend so much? What is your need? What is the main usage of computer? Do you have heavy use of the designing programs like the Adobe suite?

    If you decide to go ahead, the imac certainly won’t let you down, that’s a guarantee.

    Adino: Thanks for your great advice! I will certainly study what I will be using it for. I don’t think I will make use of any design software.

  3. get an iMac ler… no headaches… no viruses… watever you can do on your pc can be done on your mac.

    Adino: That’s one of the plus points, but price is still a factor that makes me hesitate

  4. that’s where the general public get the wrong idea… the iMac is NOT made to do Adobe stuff… it’s basically a stable machines and runs very well 99% of the time.. that’s why people like to use Apple products for their production works.. plus production guys loves the Apple’s display…

    The price is not that steep … imagine you’re getting one complete setup.. try comparing the specs with a normal desktop… not much difference wan… and of course you’re paying a bit more for the design… 🙂

    Adino: I don’t think the previous commentator meant that a iMac is made just for Adobe stuff, and I’m also sure you meant that the Mac is versatile and not for the designer niche only.

    I am trying to tell myself that getting an iMac is like getting a Mercedez Benz, but getting a PC is getting a Proton Perdana


  5. I’m waiting for the Dell Hybrid to launch. It has already been announced so we’re just waiting for the first shipment.
    It’s a tiny tiny desktop pc that’s still quite powerful.
    By the way, I’m a big fan of Dell because their tech support is most excellente.

    Adino: Sounds good! Where can I find out more about it?

    Update: I’ve googled it. Looks good, and there’s a BluRay drive plus wireless keyboard and mouse. However, it looks like it’s going to cost a lot.

    This certainly deserves a consideration. I’ll perform another study one of these nights.

  6. I have no preference one way or another
    I just doubt the requirement no3

    I guess we are not too worried about whether it will become obsolete
    Looking at the rate electronics / computers are progressing, most will be obsolete after 3 years
    5 years is really a long period
    I guess what you mean is … whether it will be able to run most application (you throw at it) after 5 years.

    Adino: You’re right. What I meant is, it will still run applications at an acceptable speed after 5 years.

  7. Yup, certainly did not mean imac is meant for Adobe stuff only. Just trying to see what you’re looking for in a machine to justify the cost.
    ‘whether it will be able to run most application (you throw at it) after 5 years.’ YES.

  8. so glad to b back. i have been afriad to go online much past few days. it is like someone is aware of my every move on the internet. the post on the delivery room is touching and surprisingly i even enjoyed the post on steam from oats 🙂 guess i must have missed yr blogging too much. i dare not comment on yr kid lest i get funny remarks from yenjai again hahahhahahahahahaha

    Adino: You should try formatting your PC to make sure no more spyware is installed.

  9. Been looking at computers a lot recently. The hybrid is so cheap so its worth it. Macs are niche products. Always meant for upmarket people. About viruses, I never had a problem with that on a PC also as long you have a good antivirus.

    You should know more about that. I also used macs a lot. Its not worth the price difference in my opinion. There are new Macs coming out very very soon so no point getting the ones now.

    5 years……I think its possible because of the rise in the subnotebook category slowing down the developement of resource eating stuff.

    I thought you are kedekut wan….but on computers….hehehe

    The hybrid i saw the starting price 2899…..that is cool. I would go for the Dell if i were you hahaa. upgrade the monitor to a nice one too. I can get macs cheaper here in singapore. I think I may be able to ask for 15-20 percent off. no gurantees. But I can gurantee 100 SGD off haha. I know of someone offering a macbook pro though at 300SGD off the original price….haha

    Oh did you think about upgrading the warranty for 3 years…because the Mac warranty is more expensive. I think you should get that. Its always better if you are looking for one that will go the distance with you.

    Adino: Congrats on getting your new Tablet laptop!

    You know me la, I will only buy such things once in a blue moon, so I don’t mind paying a bit more. I thought trying out something new for a change. It it doesn’t work out, Macs have quite good resale value.


    As for product cycles, the next iMac update should be 4 months away, but MacBooks are rumoured to get new models coming out very soon.

  10. Nothing techie to comment, just that I’m ogling the Mac’s smooth curves and tiny footprint. 😀

    Adino: 🙂

  11. Macs are by the the most fashionable computers in terms of looks and multimedia, although I never really got used to their interface. It depends on your lifestyle (this is quoted from the web):
    Macs – multimedia
    Linux – programming
    Windows – games

    Adino: I like to do all three wor…

  12. My housemate use Mac Book and another one is VAIO. Me? Dell only la..

    Adino: Dell has very good PCs based on my experience, I’ve been using them for more than 8 years at home and at work without any problems.

    The Mac Book looks interesting, but it’s a bit too expensive for me. Sony Vaios are really expensive although they’re so small.

    In either case, I find laptops a bit unnecessary for home use because in my 5 years of using my laptop, 99% of the time it is sitting on my desk.

  13. The Apple iMac is the machine I dream for, cool stuff!!

    Adino: I wish it will drop from the sky. Maybe one of the shipment will drop off the plane while landing near Subang Airport and land in my home!

  14. aiyo as if i know how to reformat? hahahah i am an absolute clutz on the computer. i only write n post on blog. anything else is beyond me lah 🙂

    Adino: It’s not that hard, or you could bug one of your IT friends to do it for you!

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