That Looks Suspicious

Yesterday afternoon something interesting happened to my wife when she went to the condo management office. Probably nothing serious, but we had an interesting chat after that.

Warning: Not suitable for children.

Poey Chin: Dar… Just now as i was paying the maintenance fees huh..
Poey Chin: U know what i saw in the Mr.**** table?

Adino: Wat?

Poey Chin: Hehehe… something bout Viagra..
Poey Chin: I dun know is it a box or leaflet
Poey Chin: Ohhh….
Poey Chin: So shy

Adino: Hehehehe

Poey Chin: So naughty..

Adino: U notty la… see ppl’s things
Adino: Did u see if he ate some already ?
: Hehehe

Poey Chin: It was on the table..not cover somemore
Poey Chin: 🙁
Poey Chin: Make me so shy laaaaaaaaaa.

Adino: Did he stand up? or just sit only?

Poey Chin: Sitting down la..

Adino: Oh!!

Poey Chin: Ohhh.. i dun wan to see his ****

Adino: Did he look sweaty sweaty?

Poey Chin: Yuck
Poey Chin: No la…

Adino: Did he stare at you?

Poey Chin: Dun know..
Poey Chin: No gua..
Poey Chin: There was another man sitting across him..they were talking

Adino: Erk!
Adino: Man?!
Adino: U just interrupted some gay party!

Poey Chin: Hehe
Poey Chin: Dun know..

10 thoughts on “That Looks Suspicious”

  1. wah wah.. he forgot to keep la

    Adino: Hehe maybe, maybe. Since there’s another guy there… maybe he is selling the stuff or showing off the stuff leh?

  2. This is one thing that I’m fed up seeing in spam. I wish I never even knew about this… On another note, maybe the “WARNING” sign should be color red and put in LARGE text so it’s more noticeable. (Although I didn’t miss that sign, because I was being prudent.)

    Adino: Yeah, I get a lot of Viagra spam mails too. What I do is set my email software to automatically delete such messages.

  3. Ho ho ho
    Your wife has to be observant to see such thing

    I would probably never notice it, even if he had 10 boxes on his table

    Adino: Hehehe… don’t know if that Mr **** was purposely trying to show off his Viagra or something.

  4. Hahahhaha, that guy wanna tells everyone that he is impotence and having erectile dysfunction ah? hence taking viagra? 😛

    Adino: Don’t know la… I hope my wife wasn’t interrupting some gay party or something 😛

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