Thank You Cabinet

The cabinet decided last Friday to abolish the toll in the NPE KL bound route.

I am so happy because I can now use this highway to go to work. I normally use an alternative route to avoid paying the RM1.60 toll.

Using this highway I can save about 5 minutes off my travel time, more if the Federal Highway is super jammed. I can now leave home at 9:10am and still be on time for work!

Five more minutes of snooze time. Ahhh….

This morning I breezed through the toll plaza with a smile on my face.

I was so happy that I actually passed through the toll twice! I left my laptop at home, and I only realized when I arrived at office. So I had to travel home, and back to office again. Getting old already.

For those of you not familiar with the toll plaza, abolishing the toll collection for the KL bound route did not cause the company to lose much income. Most of the time vehicles will use alternative routes to bypass the toll.

Hardly any vehicles use the highway to go from Subang / Federal Highway to PJ or KL because of the toll.

I just wish they would abolish the toll for the other direction instead. In the evenings using this road can really save a lot of time because we can bypass the jam on the Federal Highway in the Petaling Jaya district.

Anyway, it is better than nothing at all. It was a really nice surprise.

A big thank you to the people who made this happen (whoever you are)!

7 thoughts on “Thank You Cabinet”

  1. You know
    I would not say thank you to them
    Firstly, it seems like we are compensating that bloody company for this act

    Secondly, all other highway will (again) raise their toll rate!

    Adino: I know what you mean. Something is better than nothing. At least we enjoy a little bit rather than not enjoy at all.

  2. you get to leave from home at 9.10am everyday? wow.. luxurious.. what time your work starts?

    Adino: We start at 9:30.

  3. haha..
    i always use that route cause beh tahan the jam….
    aiseh now FOC…next time go back must use that way till puas puas..haha

    Adino: Yes, enjoy it while you can!

  4. To me not much difference because I don’t usually pass by that area… anyway good for all the PJ folks I guess. But all the other highways are raising their toll rate!

    Adino: It seems that the toll operators are allowed to increase toll rates every year!

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