Testing My New Lens

I just got a new lens for my camera. Nothing too fancy, just a prime lens that was highly recommended on various reviews and blogs. I’ll write a review in the coming week.

Update: Read my Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G Prime Lens Review

I got a few requests on Twitter to show everyone Poey Chin’s new, short hair cut. Some of you also wanted to see some shots from the new lens.

So, this evening we went downstairs for about ten minutes for an impromptu photo session with my favourite subject, Rachel.

I just picked a few to show you.

I cut short my Sunday nap for you guys (the sacrifices I make for you dear readers haha).

in doors without flash

I took this photo last night, inside my condo with normal yellow wall light and no flash. I’m so happy cos finally I can capture indoor photos of Rachel without using the flash.

Moving on to this evening’s photos:





Poey Chin’s new haircut… now become a puppy tail instead of pony tail. Rachel had tears because she didn’t want to go home.

What do you think? Has Rachel grown up since you last saw her on this blog?

14 thoughts on “Testing My New Lens”

  1. wow… nice photos! and Rachel really did grow up a lot and getting prettier as she grows!!!

    Adino: She’s so cute, but then she can be really naughty!

  2. Rachel has really grown up since I last saw her photos! So cute, especially the 2nd photo! 🙂

    Adino: I like the 2nd photo too. Already put it as background on my office PC desktop.

  3. I am thinking to get myself a DSLR. Maybe for a beginner set first. Currently, I am using normal compact camera.

    Adino: I thought you were using a DSLR all this time, your photo are so nice!

  4. i miss rachel….

    Adino: I think the earliest you can see her will be next year February.

    We won’t be around for most of January.

  5. ish!
    i wont be around for this whole december..
    all my offs are on thurs and fri..

    Adino: Nvm la… the month is almost over anyway.

  6. is it a f2 lens?

    (i’m trying to sound professional by throwing in some numbers…heh heh!)

    Adino: I guess… f/1.8 rounded up is f/2?

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