Ten Ways People Tick Me Off

Last week I was tagged by BengBeng to do a meme on ten ways how something ticks me off. Here’s my list of ten ways people tick me off.

  1. Over-sensitive people. People who always read too much into what you did or did not do.
  2. People trying to be sincere when they’re not.
  3. The entire American Idol show. They should not come back with another season unless they come up with something fresh. Most of the people applauding in the audience don’t know what they’re cheering for.
  4. People at Starbucks with their laptops giving you the look that says “I’m so tech savvy surfing the net at Starbucks”. Well, good luck browsing on that unsecured network. Most of them don’t really have any cool websites to browse, so they’re just looking at Yahoo mail or something. Yawwn.
  5. That taxi driver this morning who tried to cut into my lane and then horn me when I won’t let him come in.
  6. People listening to techno / club / trance music in their cars, trying so hard to look cool and pretending their ears don’t hurt. Also included in this list are techno / club / trance “artists”.
  7. Actors who play musicians on TV who don’t even know how to hold their instruments right.
  8. ‘Programmers’ who do not follow standard coding practices. For example, proper naming conventions, proper spacing, using comments, writing good queries, choosing code readability over showing off your syntax shortcut skills. Proper spelling. Sensible user interface design.
  9. Those people at PayPal who haven’t managed to fix a bug that has prevented so many Malaysian bloggers from accepting funds into their accounts. Give me an hour and I could solve your program bug.
  10. Credit card promoters at shopping malls. I don’t appreciate being harassed by them each time I walk past.

2 thoughts on “Ten Ways People Tick Me Off”

  1. ee kena tag hehe was too busy, just realise only so will do it later.

    i have to agree with u on number 8, hate to take over projects from programmers who dont know wat are coding standards, a good example is the system me and u were working on hehehe am sure u might be having nightmares just looking at the code :p not my fault, written by some idiot from vietnam.

  2. Sigh.. the system we were working on considered very good already, especially after u did super effort to fix so many of the Vietnam programmer’s bugs. Now the system I am working on… spelling all also wrong. Really have to guess what the variable names stand for. Some more he is writing ASP program using FrontPage, so full of all those extra tags. Sigh…

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